January 15, 2018




Sister Hamblin

Freezing Rain?!?!

There is nothing like traveling all over upstate New York. This week we had Zone conference down in Owego and the next day we traveled up to Utica for return and Report. We got to stay in Utica over night and we went to a Marriott hotel. I never thought I would be staying in a hotel on my mission yet here we are. It was a different experience that's for sure.

This week we got hit with about 8 inches of snow over night. We had to literally dig our car out in the morning and we ended up helping a few other people as well. I am sore to say the least... haha but it is so fun to see the world covered in white. Even though it made the roads extremely icy. The cold just seeps in here. No matter how many layers I throw on I still get cold every single day. This week we also got what is called freezing rain. Freezing rain... are you kidding? First I found out Bed bugs are real and now there is a such thing as freezing rain? No it is not hail, it is so much worse. I don't know how to explain it but its a thing here in New York. I honestly miss Utah weather. I hear its in the 50's or so over there ya lucky ducks! Haha even though I miss it I wouldn't want to be any where else then in New York :) I love it here.

This week we had two investigators come to church that we weren't really expecting to come! Andy and his two little kids came to the ward. We have been trying for weeks to get them there and they finally came! We also had Thais come to the Branch! They were both miracles in my book. Both of them are slowly developing a love for the gospel and it is amazing to have a front row seat. There was also a YSA devotional last night that we were able to get a new investigator to go to. His name is Henni and he is from the Dominican Republic. He has recently gone through some hard things that have turn him towards the Lord. He has a love for the Lord and a strong desire to learn more. Plus he is hilarious. Definitely one of my favorite people I have met out here.

Well that's about it for the week. I've realized as the weeks go on that my emails are flipping boring. oops! Its like reading a textbook... so props to those of you who actually read them! Haha! Ill try to get better at making them interesting... but no promises!

I love you all! Go make this week one to remember!

Love Sister Keller

"If its false then nothing matters, but if its true then nothing else matters" -anonymous
As you all come to gain a testimony of this gospel, cling to it. Cling to the Lord because at the end of the day that is what matters.


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