November 27, 2017




Sister Rawlinson

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well thanksgiving has officially come and gone and you all know what that means.... Christmas! I don't think I have ever been excited for Christmas so much! So Sister Rawlinson was looking in our closet this week and found a cute little 4 foot Christmas tree. SO naturally I immediately got it out and set it up. Then a member gave us a strand of lights and now it truly feels like Christmas. I turn on the tree every single time we go to our apartment just because it is so adorable! Here are some pics :)

Last night a member gave us the means in order to make authentic sticky rice. She is from a small country next to Thailand called Laos. So every time she feeds us we get to eat these amazing dishes from her country and Thailand. Including Sticky rice. So this morning we got to make Sticky rice with bacon and it was by far the best breakfast we have had yet.

We were able to see a lot of people this week but I am finding more and more that missionary work isn't about just baptizing people. It is about planting seeds and strengthening their faith in Christ. Conversion is a process and for some it is a very long process. I believe that true conversion for most people takes years , maybe even a lifetime. It can be hard but in the end when you look back on it all you will recognize how amazing it was. That it was worth it.

I would like to share a quick quote by a high priest from the Owego stake. His name is Brother Thomas and he shared in his talk on Sunday," Sometimes to be brave is to forget that we are scared".

I love you all! I hope that as you continue to get into the Christmas spirit that you will remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is our Savior that we honor with this holiday. hence why it is one of the best seasons of the year :)

Love Sister Keller


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