October 30, 2017




Sister Rawlinson

Wegmans: The Hipster Costco


This week has been wet. and cold. Yesterday it rained for 24+ hours. And no not a little Utah rain. It poured for the entire day. All the streets were covered in water. And my feet got soaked. Thats what we get for having to walk in the rain. I have never seen so much water in one day fall form the sky. But hey thats why it is so green here! But because of all the rain the temperatures have also been dropping. People have been telling us its been pretty mild so far and that we are lucky. Apparently there is usually snow by this time so I am so grateful it hasnt snowed yet but that doesnt mean it hasnt gotten cold. I already pulled out my winter coat. Basically I have come to the conclusion that I am going to freeze. But it is all worth it!

So a few things that have happened. We got a senior couple! Their names are Elder and Sister Patterson and they are the cutest couple ever. They are so happy and have such a light about them! We also have transfers this week! I am staying here in beautifulIthaca. We are going to be getting two new Elders so thats exciting!

So today we went to Wegmans. Which is basically the size of costco but its super fancy and kinda expensive but awesome. They have everything there. Since the first day I got here people have been telling me I have to go to Wegmans so I can check that off my bucket list!

A little thought I wanted to share with you came from the Branch Sacrament meeting yesterday. A girl names Syona shared her conversion story and her thoughts on God's light. Or the light of the gospel. She shared how the gospel can be compared to the sun. It is always shinning. Clouds may block it at times but it never ceases from shinning. No matter what we go through in life the gospel is a constant in our lives that will always give us light.

I love you all! I hope this week is fantastic! A scripture I would love to share with you is Alma 32:27. Just one to keep in mind and think about this week :)

Love Sister Keller

Also... I always seem to find Harry Potter where ever I go haha! Sister Brady took us to this awesome Harry Potter festival thing at the commons in downtown Ithaca. Here is a picture of my awkward missionary self standing by the goblet of fire. #HarryPotterforlife

And there is beautiful art work everywhere! Here is one that I absolutely love!


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