October 2, 2017




Sister Rawlinson

Dare to be a Mormon

Hello Everyone!

It is amazing how much can happen in a week but I only have time to share a few things so stay with me.

This week was general conference! I hope you all had the opportunity to watch and listen to the words of the prophets and apostles. These men are truly called of God and their message were inspired. I felt like almost every single one was directed toward me! As I sat and listen to conference I realized how truly important my work as a missionary is. That peace and love that we all felt while listening to conference is special. Not a lot of people have that in their lives and that is what I am out here sharing.

Small mini miracle if you would, this week we ran into a cute lady named Xiang. Really random thought but there are a lot of Chinese people here and it is hard because there is a language barrier and I have no way of shortening that gap between us. But we are trying to make do as best as we can. Anyway we meet Xiang and gave her the book of Mormon. Later I found out from my companion that she had actually run into her a few weeks earlier and she ended up coming to church but then disappeared. So it was awesome that we found her again but we still didn't know where she lived. Then about two night later we were tracting and we ended up tracting into her! She let us in and then sat us down on the couch and then left us there. For like five minutes. She just went back into the kitchen and cooked dinner. But eventually she came back and after we talked to her for a few minutes we ended up someone scheduling a dinner appointment with her and are going back this week. We don't know how it happened but all we know is the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I want to hurry and address the subject of this email. Dare to be a Mormon. Out here I have come to truly understand that quote. It is hard to stand up for what you believe and know to be true when so many people are telling you you are wrong or just bluntly denying Christ all together. Each time it hits me straight in the heart and its hard to stand firm. But I know that as I do so that I will only get stronger. I have the Lord on my side and he will help lift me up. We all have the Lord on our side. Whatever we may be going through he is there pushing us forward. I love the scripture D&C 84:88 I encourage all of you to go read and ponder it. Dare to be a Mormon.

I love you all! Ill see ya next week!

Love, Sister Keller


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