September 16, 2017



Sister Gunther

The MTC plague

Why hello everyone!

Boy oh boy do I love this place. I have learned so much and loved every single moment. Where to begin.... okay first off I guess I should explain the whole mtc plague thing. Basically the moment you
walk through the gates of the mtc you are doomed to get sick. It doesn't matter how many times you wash your hands or how careful you are, you will get sick. So last Saturday is when it all began. I got
sick and I am still sick. Fun right? I am almost back to full health but I was literally sick all week. And for some reason my eyes got super watery and so everyone thought I was just crying all day. Haha! But all is well now so that's good.

This week we had infield orientation which is crazy that we are already doing that! I can't believe my time here at the mtc is coming to an end. Orientation was good but very boring. But I learned a lot
so gotta look at the bright side right? I think it just made me more nervous to actually go out in the field. I finally am comfortable here and now everything is changing again! This is the real deal. I fly out on Tuesday morning and then I'll be in New York for the next 17 ish months. It still blows my mind. I am so excited but as each day passes my nerves get higher and higher. But I'm sure I'll be fine.

This week we had two new TRC investigators and I love them! (There are
pictures at the end of this email) The first one is Jacqi. She is this cute old lady with a huge desire to learn. Not gonna lie I think she is Mormon because she was the golden investigator everyone talks about. She was practically teaching the lessons and I learned from her every single time. It was awesome. Our second investigator is Rebekah. I would be her best friend if I could. She was so kind and I just got
along with her super well. She has such a tender heart. I hope she continues to investigate the church in the future! Also I don't know if I mentioned last week but our teacher plays an investigator (Lucas)
during one of our classes. Now, sister Gunther and I made it a goal to commit him to baptism by the end of teaching him. Why you may ask?
Because our previous STLs also had the opportunity of teaching Lucas and only one companionship in their district committed him to baptism. And we totally committed him to baptism. So basically we are pros (;
Haha not really but it was a good feeling.

Brother Patrick Keaton of the seventy came and spoke to us on Sunday
evening and he share a powerful message of how we chose to be here.
And so we should choose to enjoy every moment. That's our districts motto: " Cherish Every Moment" . I'm only going to have this experience once in my life time. I gotta make the most out of it!

Two more quick thoughts that real hit me hard this week. On Sunday I went to the district meeting with President Samuelian. He shared this thought : " How much do you love your Savior? Do you love him enough to leave your old life behind?" It wasn't until that moment that I realized I have been holding on to my old life. I've been so worried about what my life will be like after my mission. I've been so worried about what I am missing and I need to stop it. I have given these 18 months to the Savior and so I need to give my whole heart to him. I
need to stop worrying about what the future may hold and focus on the here and now. No matter how hard that may be. I love my Savior. He is my best friend and I want others to come to know of the happiness he can give them. I love that I have this privilege to be a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ. It may be only for a short time but I am going to use this time I have. I'm ready to go serve the
people of New York because I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his
gospel. I can't wait to get out there to the field!
Okay second thought kind of building off of that. I'm not gonna lie I am scared. But fear is satans best weapon against us. And boy have I felt that fear almost every single minute of the day. It's amazing how much power Satan can have over each of us. I don't think I've ever fully realized how real he is until I made the decision to serve a mission. He ain't having it. He knows that his time is coming to an end and is doing everything in his power to stop it. And so he makes us fear everything around us. But the only thing that can get rid of
that fear is Christ. Isn't that kind of poetic in a way? Christ is who can help us stop fearing and find hope. In Christ is where we can find hope for the future. I have had to turn to Christ and lean on him every single day. And the fact that I can do that is an amazing feeling. He truly is there for us all the time. There is a quote by president Erying that goes " The savior is kinder than you can imagine and closer than you dare to believe." He is there. He lives. And he
knows each and everyone of us. His love for you and I is astounding. I hope that all of you will come to know of your Savior Jesus Christ. We are all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who knows us by name. Let him into your life. When you can do this is when you will start to see the miracle that happen around you every single day.

I love you all! That's all I have for this week. I don't know when the next time I will get to email but it might not be till Monday next week. But until then be happy! There is always something to be happy about. Today is the last time you are going to live this day so make
the most out of it! ❤️

Love , Sister Keller


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