March 30, 2020


Surprise, Arizona


Sister Welker

Arizona Phoenix Mission-sending love all over the world

Hi Friends!!!

It's been a minute, but I am still alive - and despite being in quarantine, still busy! Due to the corona virus we can't talk to nobody in person, but we sure can talk to everyone over the phone! I've never really liked using the phone to talk to anybody, but now I'm learning to love it.
Our mission will be recieving about 100 missionaries from all over within the next few weeks... so that means transfer news every week! This week we lost one of the wards we cover, but me and sister Welker are still together - we'll see if that stays this week. Basically everyone except for us is training.
A lot of my european missionary friends went home this morning, it was sad - but I know that they'll still be full throttle into the work the second they step off the plane! The Arizona Phoenix Mission is spreading the love all over the world now!
We've had some awesome over the phone lessons these past weeks. We are teaching a lady and her daughter who are super excited for baptism even with everything going on! Our ward members have been amazing at staying involved and making sure we are well cared for. Despite not being able to go to church and meeting people there, I still feel like our relationship with our two wards grows deeper and deeper each day. Our ward mission leader is currently setting up appointments with the part member families in the area - how awesome is that?
Before we came into this area the elders had been teaching this man from the phillipines who was on fire! Not literally, but you know. He had been taught the plan of salvation and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and apparently looked the elders dead in the eye and said, "you mean to tell me that I've lived 33 years of my life... WITHOUT THIS???" He seemed super eager and excited to learn when we came into the area, and then a certain pandemic happened. His work required the majority of his time to begin with , and when this happened - it required basically all of it. We tried connecting through messenger to have lessons over video chat and we'd send him videos and things and try to have a conversation, but no dice.
Sister Welker had this prompting last night to send him a verse in Tagalog - which is one of his native languages. He responded right away! Which is something he hasn't done, and we set up a lesson for tonight. Heavenly Father knows His children and what they need to hear for sure.
I'm super grateful that I've been able to take the sacrament these last couple of weeks. seeing those few cups and few pieces of bread on the trays each sunday has helped me gain a different prespective and understand how personal the sacrament is to me.

"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me"
- 1 Nephi 21:16

We literally are graven upon the Saviors hands. Each time He looks down at his palms - He is reminded of us. How blessed we are to have had our own physical reminder through taking the sacrament each week to remember what He's done for us. How grateful I am to have the opportunity to remember Him and renew the covenants I've made to follow Him when I take the sacrament. Being able to renew my promises each week is definitely something I took for granted as a kid. Now that as a church we might not all be able to take it as often as we'd like to, I think it's helping us to take our preparation for the Sacrament more seriously. When Christ looks at His hands, I don't think he takes those marks very lightly, so it makes sense that we shouldn't take the ordinance centered around His Atonement for us very lightly either.

Love you all! Wear your gloves in the grocery store!

-Sister Hall


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