March 18, 2020


Surprise, Arizona


Sister Welker

Unique Times!!

Hello my friends!

What an interesting time to be a missionary. We got word thursday during our weekly planning session that church was suspended until further notice. At first we thought, "What are we even going to invite people to?", "Will people even let us inside?", "Are we even allowed to be inside people's houses?". But fear not - the work still continues, even if the stocks of toilet paper do not. haha. We had a video conference as a mission with our mission president and he informed us that things will go on as normal, we just cant shake hands anymore. We are allowed to have small sacrament meetings with other missionaries on sunday that we can invite the people we are teaching to. It was actually really cool to have a smaller sacrament meeting, and the spirit was SUPER strong. an older taiwanese lady we're teaching came and she loved it! We're meeting with her again this week.

We dropped a ward 😭 and added two new wards to our area 😀, Desert Oasis and Sun City West. Our area is not a biking area anymore - we got a truck now! Desert Oasis is basically the boonies, so I've been off roading in my skirt. Its actually been super fun. The reason we inherited these two wards is so we didn't have to jump from building to building on sunday and we could just stay in one place... I guess we don't have to worry about that too much now though. It's been interesting trying to meet everybody and understand who you're supposed to visit when you don't have church to do that. We'll make it work though! The Lords seriously been helping us so much with trying to juggle everything.

Another thing, I'm with Sister Welker again! It's been a long time since the MTC, but it's like we never left, it's been SO much fun to work with her again. It was sad to say goodbe to Sister Fish, but I know she's killing it in her next area.

A couple of weeks ago we pulled weeds for one of our Young Womens teachers who is a recent convert. She told us about this girl that was friends with the bishops daughter that showed up to mutual all the time named Lindsey. Lindsey was interested in learning more about the church, but her parents were on the fence about letting her take lessons. She had been talking with Lindsey, and Lindsey had mentioned that her parents were opening up to the idea. We asked our member if she could follow up with us the next week, but it didn't happen.
Fast forward to right before transfers, we were biking to this park one evening when Sister Fish got the impression to turn into this neighborhood. We had no idea why we were there. We passed this house with the door and garage open with all the lights on. I felt like we should knock on it, but being intimidated by the house I pushed the feeling aside. Sister Fish asked if we could pray to know where to go, but I already knew it was that house. We prayed and the feeling only became stronger - but then it started to fade. When it started to fade I knew I was about to miss an amazing opportunity if I didn't follow it so I told Sister Fish and we knocked on the side of the house to get their attention. A teenage girl answers the door and is SO friendly and seems excited with the fact that we're there. I'm thinking, "Wouldn't it be crazy if this were Lindsey?" We start talking to her and her sister and her mom and we find out that they know a bunch of the people in the ward and that guess what? It is indeed Lindsey. How crazy is that? We bore testimony that we knew that God was our loving Heavenly Father and Lindsey expressed that she wanted to know how she could grow closer to Him. Her mom was touched by our testimonies and said that she would love for us to come over and teach her daughter. We are going to have our first lesson tonight. Heavenly Father is SO good. He knew Lindsey needed to be found, and he provided the way. There is no doubt in my mind that He is aware and is acively engaged in our lives every day.

This week I was also was reminded that Jesus Christ is working alongside us in reading Jacob. Jacob 5:72 says, "... and the Lord of the Vineyard labored also with them." How wonderful it is to know that Jesus doesn't just step in when we've done all we can do (I mean, he does that too), but that He is with us and is sustaining us in the very moment of each of our individual efforts. He knows what He's doing, and we can exercise our trust that He does too, especially in unique times like these. I don't feel panic or uncertainty - but I do feel anxious to see the miracles God's going to whip up for us! What a wonderful time to be alive. Seriously, I am so grateful to have a living prophet and apostles who have prepared us for times like these. Come follow Me, and food storage are so important -it's been a blessing to see so many members have these resources to fall back on. I feel like it's a huge faith builder and we'll be even more prepared for when things really do get out of control. Like, when Disney Land closes.... Oh wait.

Love Ya Bunches!!!

- Sister Hall

Also - check out my pics! I got some interesting ones this week. We also saw a man riding a bike with a dog on his shoulder.


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