March 6, 2020


Surprise, Arizona


Sister Fish

Hello Friends!!

Hello Friends!!!

Its.... been WAY too long again, and I apologze. My companion got ripped up by some untrained dogs and I contracted an unknown throat infection that made it so I almost needed my tonsils removed (shout out modern medicine) and we've had to juggle being sister training leaders and having an INSANE sunday schedule jumping to and from and BACK between two buildings 7 miles apart with meeting times that overlap... on bike. As dash from Incredibles put it, "WE'RE DEAD! WE'RE ALIVE, BUT WE'RE DEAD!!!!"

Needless to say, my life's been so bombastic that I've neglected to update you, and for that I apologize. With 13 weeks left on my mission I will do my best to send out at least 3 more solid emails.

People in Surprise are interesting. Not many are brave enough to talk to two dressed up 20 year olds on bike. One man biking towards us on the sidewalk stopped, picked up his bike, and ran across 4 lanes of moving traffic to the other side of the street to avoid talking with us! You gotta love being a missionary.

But miracles! Despite not being able to find a ton of people to teach, we visited a lady several weeks ago named Ashlee. When we first knocked on the door, her husband answered and was super weirded out as to why we were there. We explained that we wanted to introduce ourselves, and he explained that she wasn't home and he had kids to take care of, so he shut the door. He said that he would tell her we stopped by. Disheartened, we walked down their driveway to record what had happened in her records. Two minutes later we hear a door open. This super cute lady comes out of the house and is like, "Hello!", and we're like "Hello!" back. She explains that she had to pry out of her husband who was at the door, and asks how we know her. We explain that her records are in this area as a member. She lights up and asks where the church building is and when it starts. She explains that she hasn't gone in a really long time and that she's been wanting to come back and start lessons with two of her kids. Our jaws dropped. She showed up to stake conference the next week with her whole family, and her two boys that we're teaching are super!

These last two transfers in Surprise have been the most trying of my whole mission, but I feel like I've grown so much. I genuinely feel like this time of my mission is like the clear before the Tsunami hits. Something big is coming soon, and whether its more mountains to climb or a wave of blessings to ride I'm ready.

I really don't like Isaiah, but this week I tried really hard to understand what I could get out of the 2 Nephi chapters. With all the stuff going on in my area, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to give me something to motivate myself to go out and have a good attitude about the work - especially since it was raining buckets this one morning and I knew we'd have to bike all day. I was reading and chapter 20 verse 15 caught my attention. it says, "shall the ax boast itself against him that heweth therewith? Shall the saw magnify itself against him that shaketh it? As if the rod should shake itself against them that lift it up, or as if the staff should lift up itself as if it were no wood!" Basically I was reminded that I was the instrument here, and if I was feeling like I just couldn't do the Lords work that day - then I was right. I can't make the Lord's work move here on my own. He can't play the melodies He wans to play if I'm not intune. Any power I have to do anything only comes from Him who grants it to me - the only thing I really have control of is how willing I am to cooperate.
I decided to ask myself things like, "What melody will I allow the Lord to play in my life today?", and "Whose life will I allow the Lord to touch?" instead of, "Why can't I do this?" or "Why won't people just listen???". That change of prespective changed how I felt, and me and Sister Fish (my compodre) rode singing and laughing in the rain. I felt myself feel lighter and my trust lie more fully with God, and the pressure I was feeling that morning to get it together was gone.

I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. There has been SO many times these last two transfers where I have pleaded with Heavenly Father to answer my questions and help me and everytime it's been that book thats given me the strength and peace and security that I needed. He's placed people in my path to help me because of that book, and just like it says in the introduction - it has brought me nearer to Jesus Christ than any other book. I know my Savior lives. I know He is real. I know He has provided me and will continue to provide me a way to do this work, because it really is truly His. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all bunches!

-Sister Hall


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