October 23, 2019


Avondale, Arizona


Sister Burt

A lot, a lot A LOT!!

Hey... sorry it's been like 5 weeks. 😂

Awesome things are happening here in Tolleson! We have a solid teaching pool and we've defininitely seen the Lords hand in this work. The Benaly's baptism is this week and we are so excited for it!

Oh, I have a NEW COMPANION! Her name is Sister Burt, and she is superb.

Conference was AWESOME! Super excited for the next one. Elder Vinson's talk spoke the most to me. We had a good chunk of the people we're teaching watch too! YAY!!! It was so cool to follow up afterwards and see which talks answered their questions - the promise that your questions will be answered at conference is REAL y'all.

My birthday was awesome, the missionaries in my district all signed a card for me, it was so sweet.

A couple sweet experiences for you,

1. We were teaching the Ruelas family the Plan of Salvation and Anthony (one of the kids) pipes up in the middle of us explaining the 3 Kingdoms of Glory and says, "You know what? I want to be baptized so I can get to the Celestial Kingdom." And then his sister Audriene chimes in and says, "me too." And their other sister was asleep, so she didn't have any input. 😂
We looked at the calendar and selected the date Nov. 26th. Once selected we told them that we needed to pray about it now to see what Heavenly Father thought. We prayed, and afterwards Anthony and Adriene both said that they felt warm and peaceful inside. We testified that the feeling they felt was the Holy Ghost telling them that it was right and that Heavenly Father was happy about them being baptized. They thought that was SO cool and they were ecstatic about not only feeling the spirit, but being able to recognize it.
Leilani - the one that was asleep, agreed to being baptized with her siblings when she woke up.

2. Me and Sister Burt were feeling disheartened one day and out of the blue our District Leader called us. He said that he felt prompted to call us and that our Sister Training Leaders had just called him. They said that we were amazing missionaries and a multitude of other things that were beyond nice. It was definitely a tender mercy and it definitely gave us the boost we needed. I definitely felt Heavenly Father's love for me, and Him telling me, "You see that? I arranged that just for you." God answers our prayers, and they don't come when wanted, but they do come when they are needed.

3. Met up with Todd this week at a park. We initially went in with the idea we'd be teaching the commandments, but after talking with him for a bit it became clear we needed to talk about prayer, and so we did. The Spirit was so strong and I know something touched his heart. He's doing so good and working so hard to be better each day. Heavenly Father is so proud of him.

4. We met a lady named Susie yesterday and she expressed some scary stuff she's facing right now. I felt prompted to talk about priesthood blessings, but I thought that would be weird to talk about in a first contact with someone. I've been working a lot on trusting the Lord more than myself lately, and I felt the Spirit tell me to "woman up" and just tell her about it. So I did. And she was interested. And we arranged for her to get a blessing today!

I love you all! Hope all is well.

- Sister Hall 😀


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