September 17, 2019


Avondale, Arizona


Sister Sisto


Hello Everyone!

Its been a minute since I last sent an email, but rest assured, I'm doing well! I'm learning so much everyday and I'm grateful for this time that I have to serve and grow my testimony.

Well the highlight of these last couple of weeks was Michael's baptism! It was crazy wonderful, and I definitely felt the Gospel fo Jesus Christ come full-circle. It was amazing to see how in such a short time how someone could change so much. He was absolutely glowing and said he felt gratitude and happiness on such a level that he didnt know what to do 😂. He's excited for the priesthood and now has the tools (the gospel of Jesus Christ) to access that joy, peace and security for the rest of his life. I am so happy for him! I seriously can't fathom how the Lord worked through me and Sister Slabbert to do that, but He did. And that is so cool. 🤩 I can confidently say that my cup has been filled several times over. God is REAL and my testimony is so much stronger, deeper, and edified all because I made the decision to serve.

I was able to go to another baptism in my last area for a family I was teaching this week. They've been working 10+ years for this, and it was touching to see it finally happen. It was also good to reconnect with the ward members there. I miss them, they are all just so sweet and they really did become my second family for the time that I served there.

The work is going well in Tolleson! We've had a lot of opportunities to find people this week, although none of our efforts have been super successful, RIP. 😂 But that's ok, we'll keep trying. We are teaching some amazing people right now. I forgot, have I mentioned Todd? I'm too tired to look back at my last emails, haha. We're teaching a man named Todd, and he is fantastic. He's just the humblest, sweetest guy who's pouring his all into making changes in his life. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he said that out of all the things he's ever heard, that made the most sense. He felt a lot of peace having his questions answered about what happens after we die.

We also had a family come to church this last sunday who had been taking the missionary lessons in their last area. Their little boy came up to us after Sacrament meeting was over and said, "Hey, my parents want to set up a lesson with you guys." And we were like, "Who are your parents?!" He took us over to them and they are so sweet. We set up a lesson for this tuesday, and we're excited to teach them.

I've been thinking a lot about what the Gospel means to me, and I've concluded that my life would be relatively meaningless if I didn't have it. I'm sure I would have learned and grown and had happy moments and sad moments all the same, but there just wouldn't be a point to it. Everything meaningful that's ever happened in my life has been a result of including Jesus Christ in the process and I dont think that's a coincidence. In a world of trends and politics and constant turn over of what's right and what's wrong the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been the anchor thats held me steady and made me a better person in the process. It's the only thing that's brought me peace and given me security of knowing that regardless of what might happen - that bad moments dont last forever. Death does not last forever. Poor decisions do not have to define me, and I can truly be forgiven and I can truly forgive others.

What does last forever is our Heavenly Father's love for us. Its always there and because His Son came to earth and made an Atonement for all of us we can choose to return to Him and experience all the blessings They intend for us to have, and that's true happiness for Eternity.

I love you all! and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

- Sister Hall


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