September 2, 2019


Avondale, Arizona


Sister Sisto

The Light of Christ in my life and the people of Toleson & Lightening Storms!!


Its been... a crazy couple of weeks. I'm starting to really love the area though! The members here are crazy nice and they LOVE the missionaries. We have little kids swarm to us when we enter the chapel every Sunday, its really sweet.

My companion is the sweetest italian I've ever met. She also the only italian I've ever met, but I've decided she's the sweetest one in the world anyway. She literally makes everybody she meets feel like family-its really cool to see! She's also really short, and she thinks it's super funny to stand next to tall american things and take pictures with them. Here's a picture of her next to a high raised truck.

When I came here we were only teaching a handful of people, but blessings have rained down and we've added three families and several individuals to our teaching pool! They are all super solid and genuinely want to come closer to Jesus Christ.

A couple miracles from this week:

1. Last night we had a lesson with a couple we've been teaching. They want to be baptized and eventually be sealed in the temple, but they were worried they wouldn't be able to have enough money for the wedding they wanted until next year. Well wonders never cease and a miracle monsoon happened, and long story short - a wedding is happening this Halloween!
... the best news is, I might be able to help them with their wedding cake! Granted, that's IF I stay in this area for longer than 6 weeks.

2. After almost 8 months of not touching a steering wheel, I'm not great at driving in a city where 90% of it's roads are under construction. ‍Arizona drivers also have Zero tolerance policy for anyone who wants to follow the speed limit. I won't go into detail because there's too many experiences to count, but I'm convinced that the only reason me and Sister Sisto are alive right now is because we're doing the Lords work.

3. For the last month or so I've felt like I hit a wall in my prayers and my connection with Heavenly Father has just felt... not there. I cant tell you how frustrating its been to feel like you've been abandoned by God when you're trying to bring others closer to Him.
From past experiences I know without a shadow of a doubt that He is real and that He does love me, so I held onto that - and I still saw miracles happen in the lives of the people we were teaching, which was great! But the anxiety of not feeling that affirmation in my life, not recieving the answers I felt like I needed, really built up and eventually I broke down.
I recieved a priesthood blessing, and essentially the blessing consisted of the words, "You are not alone." Over and over again. Essentially I was told that when God seems silent is when we grow the most. I was also promised that Heavenly Father was arranging things in my life for me to feel His love as I kept pressing on.

And... I have grown. And I have seen things being arranged! My prayers and studies have become deeper and more meaningful, and because of that we've found people who are ready for the gospel, we've done service for people who need it, and opportunities have arisen that I could have never arranged myself, but because I decided to trust the Lord they happened. I also had a friend email me out of the blue telling me all the things she loved about me and how much I meant to her! That helped me so much.

4. I got the news that Tyrone (we remember Tyrone right?) Got baptized this last week! WHAAAAAAT?!
Michael's baptism is also this next saturday and Im SO excited. He's been sending me and Sister Slabbert updates on messenger and he is super pumped and is seeing SO many blessings happen in his life.

5. Lightning Storms in Arizona are absolutely out of this world . They literally light up the WHOLE sky and the thunder truly rattles you. They're actually really cool and they've really fun to experience this week.

I've really thought about the Savior a lot and how He had to perform the Atonement completely alone so that each and every one of us would never be alone in anything. We may not realize it in the moment, and whether we realize that now, in 50 years, or when we meet Him face to face - its true. We are never alone.

Love, Sister Hall


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