August 25, 2019


Avondale, Arizona


Sister Sisto

Transferred to the Blazing Streets of Tolleson!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I havent sent one of these out in a while, as always - I'm busy. But I guess thats not a bad thing! 😂

These last two weeks have just been out of this world. I cannot even.

First, through a series of miraculous events too spiritual to recount, Michael chose a date to be baptized! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! 😆👊⬇️🌊⬇️👏🔥👏 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
September 7th here we come!!!! It was seriously the best way to end this transfer and its been so cool to see how the gospel has transformed his life.

We also found this older lady named Karen who due to illness, couldn't clean her house anymore. It needed a lot of work so we've been going once every week and working on it. She is so sweet and she taught her the Restoration, and she's so excited to learn more! Its been a blessing to do service for her.

Also - me and Sister Slabbert got the news that our area was going to be doubled out, which means that Elders are taking over!

Me and Sister Slabbert have both been transferred to different areas. Sister Slabbert is in Anthem, and I’m in... Buckeye! Im technically in a town called Tolleson, so not true Buckeye, but its still super different than my last area.
Oh, I have a car now too! Good bye to biking in 115 °! Unfortunately there is construction EVERYWHERE, so it makes learning to drive again after 7 months not very fun.

My new companion is Sister Sisto! She's just finished her training and I am the second companion she's had. She's from Rome, Italy. She's so cool! And she knows how to cook. 🤤 we haven't taken any pictures together yet, but that'll change this week.

There's this boy that they've been teaching for months named Junior who really wants to be baptized and sealed to his family, but he's needed to be officially adopted first before any of that could take place and for a while it looked like it wouldnt happen. We'll one fast later and a lot of prayers later and we found out this week that his adoption will be official in September!!! So exciting! Their family is so happy.

Junior is the most hilarious 11 yr old I've ever interacted with, so I'm excited to get to knkw him and his family a bit more too.

Well - that's all I can really think of to write right now, but I love you all lots! Thanks so much for your letters, I promise I read them, I need to be better at responding. 😆

Here's a bunch of pictures from services and just miscellaneous companion pictures. I LOVED serving with Sister Slabbert, I'm gonna miss her! Sorry I'm so bad at taking pictures that are relevant, but I tried my best with this batch.

❤ - Sister Hall


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