July 29, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Slabbert

Does anyone know what bug this is??

Hello Everyone!

Typically I write every other week, but I thought, "eh. What the heck, I'll write one this week." So here we go!

We had a lot of interesting things happen this week. No new people to teach unfortunately, but we did have our first monsoon on monday! It didn't last very long, but it was intense! It made everything really humid for the rest of the week though, and its a different kind of heat... I wasn't ready. 😱 110 + 30% humidity is no joke.

We found this scary bug outside one night while we were biking. Does anybody know what bug this is? Its got a giant stinger on thw back. 😂

If I've learned anything this week, its that the Spirit is the ultimate teacher. Tyrone decided to forgive some people he's refused to forgive for years. This week he told us that he finally chose to start the forgiveness process, and that he just felt like it was time... we didn't ask him to forgive, we didnt even really go into depth about why its important to forgive - but the Spirit's been working in his life and Tyrone has been changing so much for the better because of it. Last week we would have never been able to let this go, but because of the Spirit, miracles CAN happen!

Love you all buches! Somebody google search this bug for me!

❤ - Sister Hall


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