July 18, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Slabbert

The Heat brings the CRAZIES out!

Hello Everybody!

As always, its ANOTHER sunny day in Phoenix Arizaona! We are officially in consistent 110 ° weather, and the best way to describe it is that the world literally feels like a frying pan. The concrete seems to just hold all the heat in and it just constantly radiates out of the ground until it finally cools down around 4 am in the morning.

My sunblock melted off of my arms this week. What is my life?

I dont know what it is about the summer in phoenix, but I have never had as many encounters with crazy people as I have within this last month. We've taught someone with multiple personality disorder these last two weeks and so far I've only talked to two of the personalities.... they dont like each other. My life is so much like the movie SPLIT right now, its not even funny.

Sometimes we get yelled at on the road at night, and usually during the daytime the only people out and about are the people on drugs and alcohol and other missionaries, so finding people has been a bit of a struggle. 😅 but its actually been ok because for whatever reason we've gotten referrals from other members and online and they are actually really solid people so it works out!

We found an awesome lady named Belen last week and as of yesterday she's come to church twice and we've had a couple of lessons with her! She's AMAZING and she wants to find out if Gods real and if he loves her and she's enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets we've given her. She's just a very "Zen" spirit, I dont know how to quite describe it. She is so awesome and she's been really grateful for all the help we've given her on her journey so far. She's been reading the book of mormon so far and she's been studying it!

We found a teenage girl this week, her name is Kat! She is super cool and super interested in the book of mormon, she has a ton of questions about it, and we literally just sat outside of her house and talked about it for like two hours. Her parents dont like new people in their house so it was kind of miserable in the blazing weather, but it was such an awesome conversation that almost didn't matter... almost. But we're excited to teach her! We answered a lot of the questions she had, and we've given her things to find more answers for herself! 😊

We had an awesome lesson with Michael this week - it was a little different since now we've asked him if he would like to be baptized. This lesson he explained that he was seriously looking into the gospel now and he came up with a list of 5 questions to ask us.
1. Why did you join the church, or why have you stayed?
2. What is your favorite bible story and why?
3. What is the biggest failing of the church?

And 4 & 5 we were not able to get to because we ran out of time and I had a severe allergic reaction to a kitten named Peanut Franklin. But answering these questions and bearing our testimonies to Michael was such a powerful experience. I felt the spirit so strong (particularly with the first question) and I just know that this church is true. I know Heavenly Father has a church here on the earth today! It's here to help us find JOY, peace, security, and love for God, ourselves, and all those around us as long as we always look to the Savior. We are ALL brothers and sisters, children of God, and part of His family! I am so happy I get to testify of this to people out here, even though it can seem really unglamorous at times. Its all worth it.

Something I've been studying recently is conference talks. One in particular I've put a link to, its Jeffrey R. Hollands, "First Great Commandment" from the October 2012 Conference. Its basically about how the Savior had to set the apostles straight again when they decided they'd go back to their regular lives after Christ died and was resurrected. I invite everyone who wonders how they can follow Christ a little bit more to read or listen to it, you wont regret it! I promise! Its inspired me so much on my mission and its helped me to keep going.

I now have a little picture of Jesus Christ in my bike helmet so when I stop and am about to knock on doors, and I dont want to do it, I can look at him and remember why I'm doing this. It's not because I'm on vacation (clearly🔥) or because this is just what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do, it's because I love Jesus!

Anyway, love you all bunches!

❤ - Sister Hall


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