June 17, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Slabbert

It's HOT !!

Hello Everyone!

So... it was 108 degrees yesterday. That was new. But I survived that, so I think I can do 120.

A lot's happened since my last email, but I'll try to condense as much as I can!


1. Elder Piper came to our mission and talked a lot about getting permission from the Holy Ghost before you do something. That struck me because the Holy Ghost knows whats up, and He'll never lead you astray and He's with you all the time as long as you're worthy... so ask him all the questions you want! You don't need to wait for the Holy Ghost to approach you about something, you can approach him!

2 -3. So... we met this miracle man named Jack. Jack works as a waiter at this indian restaurant a member took us to one night, and he saw our tags and just "felt" like he needed to talk with us. So he did. And we got his number, and he said he would be interested in talking with us more!

We came back a couple days later while he was on his break to see if we could get his address and start teaching him and he saw that we were on our bikes in the bazillion degree heat and he felt bad so he took us into the restaurant and gave us fancy water and chilled indian sweets - no charge. Literally the nicest person I've met on my mission and probably my life. You can see in one of the photos my expression of shock and disbelief and utter amazement. We talked about faith buliding experiences he's had in his life, and about how the gospel would help him even more in his life. We then found out that he lives out of our area which was literally depression because that meant that we couldnt teach him.

But we had an amazing pass off lesson with his elders, and we commited him to be baptized before we sent him off!!! Miracle madness am I right? I'm so blessed to have met him and its not all bad.. we can still see him when we go to his restaurant for lunch!

4. I like this car.

5. Me and Sister Slabbert have enjoyed cooking together!

6. Me and Sister Slabbert saw these bushes and decided we hadnt taken enough pictures.

As for other things that have happened that I unfortunately dont have pictures for, Felix is getting baptized June 15th! He has come so far and the gospel is changing his life! We are so excited for him!

Through a couple of miracles we met a lady named Ashley, and niw we are teaching her! She's going through a lot right now, and she recognizes us as God helping her change her life! She loves to meet with us and wants us over frequently!

We also met a security guard the other day, we thought he was going to throw us out of this apartment complex, but turns out he's a member who wants to start coming back to church! He also wants the missionaries to start teaching his girlfriend so that was super cool!

We are still teaching Monique and she is probably the most interesting person I've met in my life. I mean, I say that about everybody, but when I say that I truly mean it this time!

Her house is surrounded by african inspired artwork she made herself, her bedroom is modeled after a cocoon. She says that its like that so that when she feels sad she can go there and come back out a new woman. She's been meeting with the missionaries for years, and she loves what we teach! She also fire dances.

Yesterday we had another "why I believe" devotional and once again, miracles happen. At the devotional we had about 3 people definitely coming, and because Heavenly Father likes to humble us nobody came. So we texted this man we met and invited a couple days ago to see if he was coming (we didnt think he was coming) and he said he was ALREADY THERE!!!! so we found him and sat by him and now he wants us to teach him the gospel and we were right by the temple and he liked the temple so much he took a picture with it!!!

We bore our testimonies to him and after her thanked us for being so sincere. As he was responding to us we could have sworn that he was going to say he wasn't interested in meeting with us, but then he said, "so.. how does this all start?" Literally one of the coolest moments ever. The spirit is real, the gospel is true, and people really do want to hear the gospel!

That's about it for now! I hope all is well with everyone! I love you all!


Sister Hall


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