June 4, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Slabbert

Hello Again!


Missionary life is still SUPER busy, and Im still SUPER bad at taking pictures, but this is what I have to share, so here ya go!

1 & 2. Sara got baptized!! It was probably one of the most special moments of my mission. I CRIED seeing her come up out of the water and I honestly dont know why. I could just feel Heavenly Fathers love for her SO strong, I know that she has so much potential and she's going to grow so much! Being baptized was her first step towards coming back to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I'm honored I was able to help her there!

Her dad's going to be baptized on the 15th of June too! I'm so excited for their family to eventually be together forever!!

3. Me and Sister Nye's last day together! We posed with the bishops wife.

4. So... I'm training now! Sister Slabbert hopped off the plane from South Africa and into my life, and she is AWESOME!!!

5. Did you.. Di-.. DID YOU SEE THAT?!!!! I have a tan line. 🤯😃👊🙌 WOOT.

Well, I don't have anymore pictures, but let me tell you a little bit about what's been going on.

We met a really cool lady named Monique this last week and she's met on and off with the missionaries and she agreed to meet with us again! She's an artist and she does a lot african inspired pottery and sculptures and things. She is also a fire breather, and she knows how to make paper! So one of these days we're going to do service and help her make a batch. 😀

We are also working with a part member family, and we are teaching the husband. His name is Sky and things have definitely been arranged in his life for him to listen to the Gospel. His family wants to be together forever, and him taking these lessons are a huge step for them! We are going to invite him to be baptized this week. 😀😀

A cool spiritual moment for you all : a lot of times as missionaries you'll find yourself in the right place at the right time to share the gospel with someone. And whether or not the people you talk to are ready to recieve the Gospel into their lives, sometimes the Lord uses you to just... be there.

We were in this apartment complex and we decided to talk to some people outside ok their porches before we turned in for the night. We walked up to a group of people on this porch and they made it very clear that they didnt want to talk to us. We asked if there was anyone around who would, and they laughed for a bit and then directed to the people across from them. We went over expecting to talk to people who REALLY didn't want to talk to us, but when we walked over and approached those people, as soon as we asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ they said "YES!"

Turns out one of them was going through a really rough time and just needed to know that she wasnt alone, and we were that answer to her prayers! We havent been able to meet with her again since, and I hope that we can soon - but either way, we needed to be there for her in that moment. And its so cool how Heavenly Father orchestrates things in people's lives just so that His children can know that He LOVES them!

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully I'll write another one of these soon!


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