May 14, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Nye

Adventures on the Bike and Baptisms!

Hello everyone!

The last two weeks have been crazy, but things have been good!

Here is some photos with descriptions!

1. Sister Nye hit her head on the pavement while riding to a correlation meeting so we went to the E.R. ! She's good now though.

2. Cute picture we sent to Donna (the lady that wants us to baptize her in her Jacuzzi, we're still working on it. )

3. Went to a members house and saw the cutest dog I've ever seen so I got a Picture of it.

4. Sister Nye had a baptism in her old area and we went to it! Had a fun time meeting all the other missionaries there.

5. Zone Sports

6. Savannah got Baptized!!! (Girl in the middle) we've been teaching her for the past couple of weeks, and its been so great to see how much she's grown. She has great ward support and it was so good to see so many friendly faces at her baptism.

7. Random member spotted us and had burgers with us.

8. A car crashed into a power line last night near our apartment. When we rode up to the complex it was blocked off with police tape, and sufficeth to say - the power was out... so we lit candles!

We have a lot of people that we are teaching right now, and it's been a miracle in finding all of them! We've been teaching an 11 year old girl named Sara, and she's getting baptized this Saturday! We are so stoked!! we've found so many solid people this week and we are so excited to teach them all! We also had people come to church yesterday which was AMAZING!

love you all, pray that I don't keel over on my bike in the 100's this week!

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