April 5, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Hansen

This was a week unlike ANY other!!!

Hello everyone!

This last little bit has just been crazy crazy crazy! First off, I can't remember if I said this already, but I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Hansen! We were also just combined with another sister (Sister Ward) and now for the next couple of weeks I'll be in a trio! So that is cool! We've had a lot of great contracts in our area lately, and we found 6 new people in our area this week to teach! Well technically its five now, because we went back to ine the the people's apartments for a lesson after we found them and they said they needed to put something in the oven real quick and they'd come back. So they went back inside, shut their blinds, and never came back out. 🤣 so chances are they're not interested anymore.
We were also referred to a lady named Janeane this week. Turns out she's a witch. Like a full fledged one. She was very clear that she wasn't a Wicken, but that she was a high priestess witch. We think she practices light magic though, so its ok to teach her. She read our aura's and stuff which was kind of cool. She read us pretty good too - it was freaky. She also breeds Saint Bernard's, so there was a bunch of dogs everywhere - so needless to say, it was a unique experience. She gave me some good advice too, she told me some stuff about letting things go that was actually pretty solid, so that was way cool!

We tracted into a lady named Tabitha a couple of nights ago. She was so nice and said that she felt like God sent us to her door, and set up an appointment for this wednesday! So we are super excited to start teaching her.

We also took Arthelia to the temple to do baptisms for the first time! Yay! It was such a neat experience to be there with her for the first time, and usually they don't let you do temple names if you're endowed, but for whatever reason they made an exception for me! So I was able to do some work as well, which is so nice. Ive been wanting to do baptisms again for a long time.

I also went a devotional this week with some members who are starting to come back to church, and for whatever reason my YSA bishop was there! Is that not crazy? It was nice seeing him again.

I think that's all I can remember from this week. I need to get better at journaling. There's a lot more I do and see I swear I just struggle writing it down.

Well, I love you all! I'll write again maybe next week!


Sister Hall

Here are some pics of the witch lady's dogs attacking my companion and a hike we went on :)


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