February 20, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Stevens

"Baptize the heck outa this complex"-said the guy on site

Hey y'all,

I hope everything is going well where you are at! Happy Presidents Day! And also Happy Birthday to my sister!🎉🎈😚🎊🎉
I LOVE YOU!!! Also, Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! 🎈👴

This week was Valentines day, which was fun for everyone else, but as missionaries you don't do much for the holiday, lol. We still got things from our families and candy from members though, so yay!

Sister Stevens is leaving soon -RIP, so that means that I'll be leading our area soon so I've practiced navigating and managing appointments these last couple of days. I feel like Its a lot of responsibility, but I think I'll just get the hang of it as time goes by.

We have a lot of cool people we're teaching. We've been doing service for a lady named Denise, and so from that she was interested in what we did as missionaries and so now we have lessons with her! We also met a lady named michelle this week while we were tracting and she's been looking for a church to go to, so she said we could come back! We are still teaching a lady named Ava, and so far she's really loved having us over. We are also teaching a recent convert named Patrick the recent convert lessons and he just got engaged and is planning on being sealed in the temple!!! Arthelia's baptism is this week and we are also super pumped for that.

On Saturday I went on exchanges for the first time. The majority of the day went really good and I only got us lost like 3 times 😂. After dinner we knocked on some peoples door and they REALLY did not like us.... so that was an experience. It wasn't great and I won't go into it, but one thing that I learned is that Satan can replicate almost every emotion except for peace. Peace comes directly from Heavenly Father and from Him alone. And those times where I've felt that peace, I know that he's looking after me and the times where anxiety and chaos come into my life are NOT from Him. I know this church is true, even if I don't know everything about it because what I do know is that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us so so much and I know that He'll support us in the times where we need to feel it.

With love,

Sister Hall


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