February 12, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Stevens

Lots of Morm-I mean, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Letter from Week 2/12
Apparently this letter did not go out to a lot of people, so I am sending it again this week.


This weeks been crazy!!! Talking to people and getting ready for the devotional has been nuts! This week was also the first week for our new service hours - and so that was a new experience all by itself!
I guess I'll just go into the biggest things that happened this week, because honestly I'm too exhausted to go into anything else.

Okay! So the beginning of this week me and Sister Stevens and our zone leaders got to volunteer at a dining hall for homeless people for the first time! We'll be going there every Tuesday as long as we're not transferred, so that will be a set service for us. Working at the dining hall was a really cool experience! I'm super excited to go again tomorrow! Its in a real etch-a-sketch part of town, so we actually got permission to do splits with our elders for protection. Sometimes fights and minor quarrels happen, and they get upset if you don't put enough chicken on their plate, but so far I haven't experienced anything that keeps me up at night.
The people really appreciate our service there, its all run by volunteers so everyone you work around really cares for the people there.

The other big thing that happened this week was of course the Prophet coming to Phoenix!!! This event was supposedly the largest gathering of saints in history - and I believe it. The freeway on the way there was backed up, and it took like two hours for us to get back out once it was over. There were about 68,000 to 70,000 people at the stadium, and it honestly made your heart grow a size or two looking at the sheer massive amount of people there. I've been to General Conference before, and there's a lot of people who go to that, but this - this was on a different level. It was SO cool! The Prophet had a good message, and it was really... interesting. I think I'll leave it at that for now. Our people that we're teaching that we were originally going to take to the devotional, cancelled last minute. But it was ok, because we were able to bring another lady that we're working with (her names Vannah, and she's the and she really enjoyed it which was great!

Well, I think that's all I can say about this week. I hope everythings going great in your lives and I REALLY do appreciate all the letters and emails you guys send me, even though I don't really respond to them . I'll do my best to respond someday. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy the pictures!

Oh, and we had a barbecue this last p day. So that's what those other pictures are.


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