February 4, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Stevens

The Heat is coming and everyone is terrified!!

Hey Everybody!

Hope everything is going well in your lives, this week has been super crazy but supes awesome for me!

I had my first Zone conference! It was a firehose of information and new material, but it was fun seeing all the other missionaries, and spending time together. I saw Sister Windish again, so that was a plus!

Our mission is now a pilot mission for a new service initiative, which means that between a companionship we try and get 20 hours of community service in each week. And so far it's been really cool! We've had opportunities to teach people who we wouldnt've if we weren't serving, and because we pulled some weeds last week we are now teaching a mother and her daughter! They're names are Denise and Adalia, and they are awesome, we set up a return appointment for next week, so we're looking forward to that.

Oh, I forgot to mention - we have our first person on date to be baptized!!!! AHHHH, it's so exciting. It's actually a funny story, Arthelia is the name of the girl we're teaching, and she's been coming to church regularly with her parents. The bishopric extended a calling to her, which she accepted... but then they realized she isn't a member 😂 - so they asked her if she wanted to take the lessons to make steps toward baptism, and here we are! I'm really excited, she's so great and already has so much faith, all we're doing as missionaries is helping her add on to what she already has. Her parents are excited too, which is a huge plus!

We are also teaching a part member family. Jennifer, the mom is already a member and wants her family to go to church, so we've been teaching her husband Felix and their daughter Sarah. Sara's awesome, she's definitely not timid about saying the prayer. She's offered to say it everytime we come over, and she gives the most honest and upfront prayers I've ever heard in my life. It's really cool to see how much ones faith grows and how comfortable they are with talking with Heavenly Father after the spirit teaches in a lesson. I'm really eager to keep on meeting with them!

President Nelsons coming this next Sunday!!!!!!! IM SO PUMPED. It's gonna be so cool, and Im excited for the people we're bringing - and just to see the prophet in general, it's gonna be TOTALLY WICKED!!! Well... not wicked, but ya know what I mean.

This week I think I realized that as missionaries - you do more planting than you do harvesting. If that makes any sense? I've been suprised to find a lot of people who are, for the most part, genuinely happy... without the gospel. The hardest thing for people to understand about the Gospel is that it expounds on that happiness that they already find in following Jesus Christ. So sometimes the only thing we can do is connect over the things we have in common - because usually people don't want to be taught, but they do want to talk about their faith in Christ. So by sharing a short testimony about a shared experience we both share and a piece of restored truth, we plant seeds. And if they think about it, and let that seed grow, just a little bit - maybe they'll want to know more and want us to come back. And sometimes you find people who already have that seed, and have already let it grow, and you get to be a part of that harvest! But usually, its planting. Bit by bit, line upon line.

The temperatures here are climbing into the 70's, which feels great to me, but everyone else here seems to be freaking out. Everyone I talk to is like, "Its coming.", and "Get ready", and "Your pale now, but just wait a month." Yeah... summer starts in March here and its gonna be triple digits pretty soon. Every missionary thats been here a while tells me stories of what happened last summer and it's like they just got back from WAR! 😓😣😱 IM GONNA BURN Y'ALL!!!! I honestly do NOT know what Im gonna do. Pray for me, PLEASE.

Anyway, I love you all!

❤ - Sister Hall


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