January 21, 2019


Phoenix, Arizona


Sister Stevens

It's Warm Here!

Hello Hello!

I'm finally in Arizona! Our mission president is awesome, and so is the weather. I will take 50 degree weather over 10 degree weather anytime!

Sister Stevens is my trainer, and she is hecka awesome. She leaves to go home after this transfer, so I've got lucky getting a companion with so much experience! She's been teaching me a LOT and boy have I been learning a lot.

Our zone covers north Phoenix right now, and so far it's been good. Phoenix however, can be a little sketchy. We see our fair share of drug abuse, stolen shopping carts, and mounds of shattered glass everywhere - but it's all good. Nothing's happened to us yet other than the occasional scary guard dog chasing us off the the front lawn 😂.

As far as the people go, most people are very nice. Not a lot of people are interested in hearing what we have to say, but sometimes they'll give us water and snacks so I can't complain. It's amusing to see what excuses people come up with to not talk with us. Usually people will say that they don't believe in God, and then once we talk to them a little more they'll trip over themselves and reveal that they're actually a practicing catholic or something. I don't get why people can't just say "no thanks" and move on, but ok. 🤔

We are actually talking to some people who are interested right now though. One of them is a lady named Shakina. She's an immigrant from near Venezuela, and she LOVES Jesus. She does post mortems in the Old Folks home, and her coworkers aren't very religious so I think she wants to find somewhere she fits in. Shes YSA though, so technically its the elders who are supposed to be meeting with her - so we'll see how future meetings go this next week.

We also invited this sweet lady named Ava, and her son Zac to see the Prophet come and speak on the 10th of February, and they said yes!!! They're super pumped for it and so am I! We as missionaries can't go unless we bring people we are teaching. So it was definitely a blessing taht we could find people who wanted to come! I hope this'll be a good opportunity for them to gain a testamony in a living prophet, and we got really good seats, so I'm excited.

There's a family all the way from Jordan living here, and they really love coming to church. The parents names are Amal and Rami, and they are very nice. They don't understand much english, but two of their kids do - and they are the sweetest kids ever oh my gosh. Sarah is 8 or 9, and she makes a beeline to play with my hair whenever she sees me. I don't mind it, I think its really cute. She says she likes to play with it because it's gold and curly. Their son is about the same age as Sarah, and is always trying to convince us to come back to Jordan with them. He says that he'll be our "interpreter" and that he wants us to go to school with him 😂. Amal and the kids want to be baptized, but don't quite understand the commitments they need to make yet, so we are working with them on those.

I think I'm adjusting to missionary life better than I first thought I would. I find that the Lord has blessed me with enough positive experiences throughout the day to shadow the negative ones, and for that I'm super grateful.

Funny Moment : My zone is a biking area and I try to say hi to everyone I ride pass. As I was trying to say "hi" to this one guy, I accidentally swerved and almost hit him - very welcoming I know. 🙄😂

I love you all!

Sister Hall

Here's some pics from my first couple of days!


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