April 13, 2020


Radcliff, Kentucky


Sister Martin

The One With All The Trash

HELLO EVERYONE! Nothing too new for us over here. Just staying 6 feet away from everything. We purged our apartment. I mean we just gutted it all because we have a bunch of time. So why not do some spring cleaning? Anyway, we had all this trash to dispose of and trying to find a dumpster was a trip. We drove around for like an hour to find a large trash bin. Some members finally took pity on us and let us use theirs.

And now for the scary part of the story (and you will only understand this if you have been a missionary). We went to the store and they wouldn't let both of us in. Orders by the Governor that only one person from each household could shop. My companion and I turned ghost white and our palms started to sweat! We had to get supplies and we had to SEPARATE?!? I took the list and told Sister Martin to go sit in the car. I FaceTimed her while I shopped like a wild woman on a mission on Black Friday trying to get the last flat screen.... honestly so terrifying. So, I don’t know how we are going to do that....

In other news, I'm almost halfway through crocheting a blanket, written lots of letters, watched the Book of Mormon videos countless times, and jammed out with Sister Martin on her guitar!! Also Brody our little 8 year old is back on date for July! Hopefully, the virus is gone by then!!!! He is so cute and ready. I love that little boy. He loves ice hockey and his favorite team is the Golden Knights, soooo he wants to come live with me when he's old so he can play for the Knights haha! Love that!

Stay strong and healthy out there my loves!!

Sister Ludwig


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