February 18, 2019


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Carlton

The One With Modern Revelation

Hello My Missionaries!

Modern day revelation allowed me to call my family this week! I love that we have a prophet today to help Christ’s church grow and change! This will be a short letter. Slow week, but we can only go up when we have sunk low! There is miracles to be had though in every situations! Even when Elder Gong reminds you to pee.... still mortified. It's not like I am losing sleep over it.... maybe.... still haunts me.


We knocked a gooood amount of doors, and its really amazing how many people believe in Jesus here! It's fun, because instead of just saying that I have a message about Christ, I can say I have a message that Jesus Christ has restored HIS church through modern day prophets! We get to teach lessons when we find, because they already believe in God and Jesus! Good times!

Melissa and Eric: we planned to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was trying to study it, but the Spirit would not let me. He needed me to teach them the Law of Chastity...... say wut? There is nooooo way that I can teach that. But I finally tapped out with my spiritual wrestle,…the Holy Ghost won, and began to prepare myself for this lesson. YOU GUYS IT WENT NOT ACCORDING TO PLAN AT ALL. That’s okay, because even though it was not at all what I wanted or expected, I was glad to teach it, so that they are aware that they need to get married before being baptized! I have come to grips that I am working on the Lord's time table, and not my own. So. What this means is that 18 months will never be long enough, BUT it is the best 18 months of life!

That is all that happened this week. I did however GET THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! Thank you to everyone who wrote to me and who sent my mom pictures! All of you are now hanging up in my cute room! I love them and I love youuu! You all keep my world going round!

This week I really focused my studies on faith. I tore apart Alma 32. And I really love verse 39. It talks about the seeds being good, but our grounds being barren. Every seed that is about our Savior Jesus Christ IS A GOOD SEED. It is up us to prepare our ground by the sweat of our brow. These are the Lord's seeds. How is your ground? Are you sweaty? I love being just a little sweaty, and my sweetheart of a bike provides that for me 😉 Invite, invite, and then invite some more friends! The blessings come back to you! Prepare you ground. Make it nice and soft so that it has the capacity to grow deeep roots of faith!
I love you all! My heart does not have enough room for all the love I feel for every single one of you!

I love my Savior, and I love his mission!

Sister Ludwig

PS. Sister Carlton and I rode in a car! It’s been a goooooood minute since that has happened for me haha!


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