January 22, 2019



Week 2!!!

Hey guys its week 2 in the mtc!!!

This week has seriously flown by!!! Not a ton has happened. It's been alot of the same stuff. We have classes and lots of studying and of course meal time. I had chicken and waffles the other day. That was pretty tasty!!!

I've learned that snow at the mtc brings out the crazy in some elders and sisters. There's people from all around the world and not everyone has seen snow!! So it's pretty funny watching people's reactions. We got in a district snow ball fight also!! Let's just say dont mess with the elders.

I've been learning so much!! It's crazy how much they shove into a day. But I honestly love it!! Were now teaching 3 TRC's, and there all very different!!! A little tip dont talk about outer darkness and spiritual, physical death on the 2nd lesson Haha. But we had one TRC that was beyond words amazing. I dont even remember what I said but the spirit was just so strong. And you could see her faith growing. And she was emotional. And even though it was just a practice it was an amazing experience.

I'm very grateful for the amazing teachers I have. Both brother tanner and brother Jenkins have so much to offer. And they have helped me a ton. God really does put the people you need In your life.

My district is amazing!!! I've grown super close to them. We leave next Tuesday and it's going to be a hard goodbye. The district above ours just left this morning and there were lots of tears that were shed. We can't give the elders hugs so there was lots of hand hugs!! It's crazy how close you get to people in only one week!!

I was reading in the book of mormon this week, and I follow along with the book of mormon student guide. And i found a really good section. So if you wanna read it. It's in the seminary and institute section. Chapter 3
1 nephi 6-11 scroll to 1 nephi 8:26-27 great and spacious building. I loved what it said!!!

Well not much has happened this week. I'm loving every bit of the MTC. Just remember to smile. Life is great guys!!! Love you all!!!

Gym time
Jolly rancher tounges
Sister Walker and I
Elder dorrance and elder Adkins
My girls!!


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