February 14, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

Love... kinda in the air?- Week 27

I think that is Hello in German again! Not too sure haha I just heard one of the Sisters say on Temple Square!

Soooo, something funny but also kinda sad has been going on. This is probably one of the best Valentines days I have ever had. It's funny because I am on a mission and that just means I've got 200 loving Gals that just give me treats all day long because they are all as equally lonely lol. Then it's sad because this has been the best Valentines day I've ever had. LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Let me tell ya!

A few weeks ago Sister Perez and I started teaching someone from the UK named Brad, and he was super cool! Like super cool! He wanted to learn and understand what we believe, and he asked really good questions! It was perfect! Then the morning after we had a really good lesson with him, he sent us a super long (low-key anti) text with a bunch of questions about our beliefs with references to some not very reliable sources. Aka he strayed from and everyone knows not to stray! So, we took those questions (some of which were pretty deep doctrine and some just silly, very silly) and we researched for 3 hours trying to find ways to answer him through only the scriptures. Talk about a good Comp study!

Well, as we were doing this research we saw that he was messaging us but we didn't open it just yet because we knew he would destroy us if we didn't do a complete study. So, we kept pushing it off. Little did we know that he was wishing us the worst wishes and hoped we would be able to find the truth, living Christ. I tell this story not because it was heart-crushing for us (which it was), but because I learned that even when it did not turn out the way we thought, it was still important for us. Understanding where to find answers to our questions is so important! And important still, is that we understand that we will never know everything in this life, but as we strive to learn and continue in faith with what we do know, we will be so much happier for it. Sister Perez and I learned a super valuable lesson that day and I really do thank the Lord for it.

Other than that this week has been a goody and a toughy! But definitely a learny!

I hope you all have a good week!! Also, pray for me big time. I am taking my citizenship test next week and I did not do too well on the grades side of U.S. History :) (I passed though, so not too bad)

Sister Whitmarsh :)

We got In n out!!
It has been chilly
Sister Harris and I always dress like G-mas
Service @ Days for girls! So cool!


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