July 3, 2016


Songino (onion)


Sister Olsen

Happy Fourth of July

👭󾓦Happy Fourth of July! 󾓦
This week was great! We were so stinkin busy! I’m so tired and it’s awesome! My companion is great! We’ve been able to do so much in our area and we are building great relationships with the ward! Our area is Songino or in English "onion" and it's incredible! There are a lot of really cute emee's (grandmas) in our area. We met with this one little lady who lives at the top of this big hill up in the mountains, she met us at the bus stop and walked us up and down. She said she had never really helped the missionaries before but that she felt like she needed to help us. She fed us and helped us with our Mongolian and shared the sweetest testimony. She had already saved up and visited the temple, so we asked if she was planning on going again. She said she wanted to maybe go visit her daughter in America and go to the temple there, but that if she couldn't that would be ok because she would be going back to her Father in Heaven soon enough, and that will be worth it. And we saw her yesterday leaving church and she kept hugging us and sniffing us (its like the Latin American kiss) and she left for the countryside...everyone leaves...hopefully that doesn't effect our work too much.

There was some drama here, but my investigator finally got her baptismal's hard not knowing the language and being the senior.... but it's working out! Our investigator is so awesome. She had really amazing missionaries before and is so prepared!

President and Sister Harper arrived, my new mission pres & wife. They are great! I'm excited to work with them! Sister Harper is a riot. She’s so stinkin funny, I needed help with a few things the other day.... and she kept telling me not to worry and that things would work out.... 5 minutes later President walked in and everything was taken care of. I was talking to her later and she was laughing and said if I ever needed anything that she could get things done. They are both so fun. They are really excited to be here, they were really tender talking about it.

Our ward has been a huge help to us. They've been meeting with us and helping us learn the buses and different towns. There's this cute couple that had us over to help us with our area books, and they heard that I can't have flour and prepared a special meal for me...rice! It was so sweet! I really love "the Onion" and Mongolia and these people. I love my life!!!


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