March 7, 2016


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6 Months ... What??

Last week was real great! My English monsters were kind of awesome...except for one class....I had to take care of some bullies. This is really cute, Sister Kofoed and I were sitting in the school cafeteria and I wasn't eating.....and this little girl came up to me and handed me her sandwich. she just gave it to me and walked away. It was like a dream I had everyday in junior high when I didn't have lunch money. She was so cute and the sandwich was so good. Raspberry jam and butter all nice and saran-wrapped haha. I must have looked real hungry that day because my students also gave me suckers and chocolate and cookies and best of all aarool (the wrotten malk candy)!
Sister kofoed and I got to go on an "excursion" with our eighth grade class....we went to the library. We saw lots of really old books and records and old Mongolian script. It was fun, and our students were really sweet and translated the whole thing!
Also this week: I went on a split with the sister Training Leader, she is way cool. Anyways, our taxi driver was really nice. Real impressed with the Mongolian....he was so impressed that he invited us over to his gerr for milk and meat! haha only here. We seem to always have strange experiences together. Last time we caused two accidents trying to get a taxi (we only stuck out our hand to hail a taxi), the one time the homeless man tried to steal my burger king, and this time on the bus a crazy old drunk man thought we were real cute. He kept yelling at us and trying to talk to us. He grabbed Sister Peterson’s arm and tried talking to her, she ran to the back of the bus. But the people on the bus had our back, one lady grabbed my arm and stood in front of me so he couldn't see me...and then apologized in English. They were all telling him to sit down and stop. #gocitizaensonthebus and then we ran off the bus so he couldn't see us.
We had really good lessons this week! We have a way sweet new investigator! She seems so prepared! I am so excited to teach her again...she asked such good question and said the sweetest prayer!! Our members and investigators are so cute, my companion goes on lots of splits when I teach English and everyone always freaks out because they think that I got transferred. It’s so sweet. I love my area!!!!
Anyways it got nice and warm.....but now it's fetching cold again. I miss the sun haha
love you nerds!
sister bollwinkel


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