November 5, 2015


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Sister Cleveland

Travel time!

We are very grateful for powerful prayers! As many know, Caitee has had stomach issues in the MTC. They took her to urgent care and had her work through the MTC doctors. Although the medications were not working well to subside the pain and issues that she was having, she was still a go for her mission departure, that was until one week before she was to go. One of the doctors had thought about her all evening Monday and called the MTC the next morning to have her visit a gastrointestinal specialist. With huge tender mercies a specialist got her in the next day Wednesday during his lunch. He called me with his concern about doing a colonoscopy & endoscopy, along with other tests because of the severe pain, poor test results and because there is no medical care in Mongolia (outside of the Medical doctors that they always have called on missions there). So the specialist rushed the procedures for Friday. With great miracles there were no tears in the intestines or colon and they were able to fix everything, as well as improved test results. So with that and prescriptions she was set to depart if her Visa came in time. We have been grateful for all the prayers and fasting.

She notified us last Monday morning that a few missionaries had received their visas, but her's was not one of them. Then we received a brief email Monday night around 10pm saying that she would pick up her prescription Tuesday morning before she flies out! And that YES she had gotten her visa that evening and would fly out the next day, Tuesday the 3rd and arrive in Mongolia on Thursday the 5th in the afternoon. So exciting!

They all flew out on different flight times, wearing civilians clothing They were not to carry anything (Books of Mormon, ensign, no tags etc) that represents the church. They are approved to teach English through their individual work sponsors. They actually certified through BYU to teach there. It is the only mission that uses this type of work sponsor program. The church has it pretty dialed in on how to help these missionaries to further the cause. They of course were never in harms way, but needed to have a clear path through customs.

So I received a call yesterday from her mission president that she arrived (minus one of her suitcases) and that they were all crashed asleep recovering from their 30 plus hours of passage. So all is well.


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