August 22, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Young

32nd Group Email

Hey everyone!!!! Hope you all had a good week, again this will be short because my companion is being transferred on Wednesday and we have a TON to do!!!!!

Good news this week ... THE MERRILLS ARE ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! For September 10th!! They are a part member family and they are aweeeeeesome!!! They are eating up the gospel and they even came to church this past Sunday (yesterday) even though it was stake conference. :) Happiness abounds.

We had stake conference yesterday as well and our stake split sadly ... none of our wards were touched but this will be the ninth stake in Queen Creek alone ... literally insane. There are so many members out this way.

Sister Taylor is being transferred :(. We've had a really good time these past two transfers but she has been here most of her mission so we definitely thought she'd be leaving. Good news is we already know who my next companion is (which is unusual), it's Sister Young, who lives with us! She was told she'd be inner housed so not to pack and we are the only other companionship in the apartment so it's a given that she's going to be my comp!!! I love her so I'm excited to go out and kill it with her. :)

Otherwise this week was just normal :) saw lots and lots of miracles and God's hand in my life. I love missionary work and I'm so happy to be out here. I just love being a missionary. Remember to always look for the good in all that you do! Love you all!

Sister Burden


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