August 8, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

30th Group Email

Sorry this email is coming to you all so late but we had laser tag with our zone of missionaries from 10 to just recently so this email will be short and sweet!!!

I hit my 11 months this past Tuesday which was probably the weirdest thing ... because that means that I'm about to hit a year. Which means I've been a missionary for about a year. Didn't I just come out? Time really really flies as a missionary. I didn't really believe them when they said they did but it does.

This week we were also able to attend the temple which, as I've previously stated, is always an amazing experience. I received very personal and obvious revelation this time which made me feel extremely happy and I've been on a spiritual bubble ever since whenever I think about it. I also received revelation about sacrifices and covenants with God. As a missionary we are encouraged to sacrifice something in order to receive something, because the Lord is bound when we do what we say we'll do. So this transfer, Sister Taylor and I have been sacrificing something (I won't say what because it's a personal thing ya know) in order to see a baptism this transfer. Well, we haven't seen one yet and I was wondering why. I studied it out and realized that when we bind the Lord with covenants, we don't bind him for results, we bind him for his efforts. He will put everything in place to let that thing that you want, happen, however, he cannot take away people's agency. That's something that he simply can't do or else the point of this life is lost. So he still keeps his covenants by lining things up to give it the best possible chance of happening but people still have the choice to say yes or no. I was in awe at that revelation. So hopefully that can help someone else I email.

This week was Sister Irvin's birthday and we went to Jersey Mikes (a sub shop) for it and it was awesome and delicious. So much fun. She turned 20.

We also taught both Allen and Darcy and Rudy this week which both went very very well. Our investigators are progressing, just at their own paces. We can only do so much. :)

Anyway, that's it. OH no shout out to two very awesome people in my life. Happy Birthday to my little brother Dylan who is turning 12 today!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Happy birthday kid. :) And also, my brother Jake leaves for the MTC on Wednesday, I love you and stay strong, you can do it bro. I love you both.

Sister Burden


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