August 1, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

29th Group Email

Just letting you all know ....

I hit 11 months tomorrow ...

Where did the time go? No, really, where? Because I need to find it and scold it for running away from me. It's not safe you know.

All jokes aside, I can't believe I'm this far in. To everyone around me I'm a seasoned missionary and in my heart I'm like NO NO I'M STILL A GREENIE!!!! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!!

But anyway, :) this week was a really good week! We saw a ton of miracles and teaching opportunities and I will list them because I don't feel like doing transitions:

1) Monday we decided to go into Down East (a clothing store) even though we have no money. Turned out to be inspiration though because the manager was a member and her co worker had been asking her tons of questions about the church. The manager asked us for the elders number (because her co worker lives in an elders area) so she could give it to her co worker. So we shop around then walk out, we're halfway to the car when we realize we forgot to give her the elders number! We go back inside and she's working with a customer so we stand to wait. Then, her co worker approaches us and asks us for a pamphlet about our beliefs! Wow! She approached US. So we gave her a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon, explained it a little and got her number to send to the elders. We contact the elders and give them her number. So, the next day we find out the elders immediately contacted her, came to her house that night, taught her, gave her a blessing (all of which she loved) and she committed to baptism!!! How amazing. :) All because of a prompting to go into Down East.

2) We had 18 lessons this week ... 18. O-o

3) We picked up a new investigator in Ash Creek ward named Ryan.

4) We talked to a guy named Edwin on the street who told us he was Christian but not attending any church but said that he didn't know if things in his life were okay and that he didn't feel ready for that kind of thing. We then shared Helaman 5: 12 with him and talked about how important it was to build our foundation on Christ no matter where we were at. He read the scripture then word for word said, "Wow ... that's cool. Can I hold onto this book (the book of Mormon)?" and we were like :D heck yes you can!!! So we're stopping by this week to see how his reading it went!

6) Laura came to gospel principles class!!! Woo!!! So happy!!! She's an amazing lady, she's definitely progressing at her own rate but it shows she cares about her salvation so we're helping her as much as we can. We have a temple tour with her tonight so hopefully that goes well!!!!

Anyway that's about all I can remember but there were lots! Also, a huge dust storm rolled in this week while we were having dinner with potential investigators and then a huge monsoon hit as well so they drove us to the church for cover. Because of all the rain, it's gotten down to the low 100s, high 90s, it has felt sooooooooooo good. The breeze is actually kind of cooler!!!

That's about it! Hope you all have a fantastic week, and stay positive. Look for the daily miracles and mercies in your life!!!

Sister Burden


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