July 25, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

28th Group Email


I hope you've all had a fantastic week and that you're getting excited for school to start ... just kidding. That's just Arizona ... they start school TOMORROW here!!! Isn't that insane?? I needed August for my summer or else it just felt incomplete. Then again, they get more breaks through out the school year and longer ones, and there's no point in being out of school during the summer here because it's too hot to go outside or do anything unless you want to make cookies on the sidewalk ...

ANWAY, this week was a good week. We saw lots of miracles. We weren't able to meet with any of our investigators this week however as fate would have it but we still saw the Lord open doors and give us teaching opportunities. We were able to teach our investigator's daughter who answered the door. She told us her mom had gone to bed and we were like "dang it ... well can we share a scripture with you instead?" And she agreed so we did. Then she goes, "... so what do you guys believe happens after we die?" And we were like WELL LET US TELL YOU :D. So we have an appointment with both of them tonight, so pray that it goes well.

Also, along with AZ heat and summer comes monsoons. We were starting to believe that they were a myth ... until this week. On Monday, the sky looked suspicious and we got warnings that there was a dust storm/monsoon coming. So while eating dinner, it started. Holy moley was it intense. It was so intense for that half hour that it was here that it ripped one of the member's trees down!!!! We got to go outside and stand under the porch and watch it, it was cool to watch and it was a lot cooler outside too.

Funny moment for the week: because of the monsoons, flooding happened of course. There is this little dip in our area that we always bike through to get to a certain neighborhood and on Wednesday when we went to do that, it was flooded. Like we biked through it and our feet were underwater and we got soaked. A half hour later, we had to go back the way we came and Sister Taylor decided to video her going through this gigantor-puddle and me, thinking I was being oh so smart, decided to walk through the puddle instead because biking through it was sketchy and knowing me I would've fallen. So she goes and I start walking and there's a THICK LAYER OF MUD. So of course my bike gets stuck, and I try pulling it out and my foot sinks ankle deep into this mud!!!!! I try pulling it out but I can't without letting go of my bike and letting it fall! Which I can't do because it had my scriptures in the basket!!! I'M STUCK. So I yell for Sister Taylor and she doesn't hear me and bikes away and I'm like ... I'm going to die in this mud pit. And of course this is all happening next to a busy road so I looked like a dorkus. Anyway, long story short, Sister Taylor bikes back, can't figure out how to get me out without getting stuck herself and we get saved by two 18 year old boys who saw our predicament and pulled over. One of them picked up my bike and the other tried pulling me out of the mud, but I was so stuck that he fell down into the mud the first attempt and got me out the second time. Then we had to go to the church building to rinse out my shoes and wash my feet and skirt. It was terrible but really funny.

Anyway, that was my week, it was great haha. Thanks so much everyone for everything! Stay strong and love God!

Sister Burden


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