July 18, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

27th Group Email

Hello everybody!!!!

The first week of the new transfer is over with and it was a good but long week.

We had a lesson with Azina our investigator this week and explained for a good 15 minutes about priesthood authority but when we asked her to be baptized she declined because she doesn't understand why she needs to be baptized again. So we're trying to help her understand and we're definitely praying for the Lord's help in all that we do.

The missionary choir also started again this week because we got the okay from President Wheeler!!! So yippee!!! We got to do that and I didn't realize how much I missed singing in a choir. It was really awesome.

Also this past Tuesday was Sister Taylor's birthday and she had an awesome one, members spoiled her and she got a package from her Mom. She is officially the big 20. Speaking of birthdays, I would just like to mention in this email that tomorrow is my best friend Maddy's birthday and I want to wish her an awesome 21st birthday!!!!! :D

We had a lesson with Laura this week which was very stressful but we ended up making a breakthrough in helping her realize the importance of praying specifically about whether the Book of Mormon is true or not. Because God won't lie to her and if this is the path she's supposed to be on, she'll receive that answer. She understood and committed to doing so . :) We have another lesson with her on Thursday.

We also did a service twice this week where we organized clothing for a clothing drive which was really fun. It was cool to see how much people donated to need.

We also met a sweet girl named Sophia this week. She is 13 and her parents haven't come to church in years, and she hasn't been baptized. She likes drawing and music so of course we got along. :) Hopefully we can get back in and start teaching her. She was invited to the mutual activities so hopefully she also starts going to those!

THEN we had a dinner with some other investigators named Allen and Darcy. They're so sweet and the next apt we have set up with them we're going to teach the Plan of Salvation. They really love having us over and told us to stay in contact after our missions. They're awesome.

Also, funny moment for the week: Sister Taylor and I were just standing at a door, our last door for the night when we heard this person walking down the street. We turn and see a 12 year old boy walking down the sidewalk, talking on the phone. As he passed us, all we heard from the conversation was, "Dude yeah, she even hugged me and everything!" And kept walking. Sister Taylor and I busted up laughing. Ah, young love right?

Anyway, this week was really awesome and I just want to send my love to my family and friends at home. Especially my brother, Jake, who just went through the temple this past Friday. I'm so proud of you kid, keep being awesome and stay strong. The world may go crazy insane, but as long as we build our foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ, nothing can knock us down.

Love you guys! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Burden


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