July 11, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

26th Group Email

I hope that all of you out there are enjoying the decent summers you are having. Arizona is still hot normal. If possible, even hotter maybe.

This week wasn't any different as far as temperature goes but it still felt hotter somehow. We had an intense week this week with lots to do. We finally got into contact with our investigator Azina and taught her twice last week and helped her clip coupons for servicemen and women over seas. We've had to have our lessons in other people's houses though because her daughter said that if we come over to their home to teach Azina, she's kicking Azina out. She has some insane misperceptions about the church and right now is okay with Azina being taught just not in their home. So we have an appointment set up for today, fingers crossed that she accepts baptism!!

We did a ton of teaching and service this week. We cleaned a woman's backyard in the ward who recently really hurt her back. Her house and backyard are pristine, but we still ended up doing 5 hours of work because she's so extremely clean. She was sweet and very thankful about it. It made us feel happy that she was happy.

We also had zone conference this week and that was really awesome with President Wheeler, he's truly inspired and he's taken on the role of mission president very well. It was a very inspiring zone conference and I gained a lot out of it, including some comfort because I'd been struggling lately with personal issues and weaknesses. But I knew that God was speaking directly to me in that conference and I'm okay now. :)

Also transfer calls came last night and I'm staying with Sister Taylor in this area which makes us both very happy because we know that this area is on the verge of explosion, we will see even more miracles this upcoming transfer. We're very excited to keep working together.

Also, fun tidbit, I saw my first falling star this week. We were driving and both Sister Taylor and I saw what looked like fire/light just fall out of the sky and disappear. We were so excited. It made me think just how perfect our world and universe is. It also taught me something. We see so very little of what and who we are. That star that fell, died and fell a long time ago but we were just now able to see it and to catch that perfect moment. Everything else in the universe saw that star fall long before we did, sometimes we just need to remember that we know and see very little of everything that exists. Only God knows, only he knows the plan that is set in motion, only he sees us for who we truly are. He sees our stars fall before we even realize they're dying. It also showed me that perfect moments can truly happen to imperfect people.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!! Sorry again, this is short!

Sister Burden


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