June 27, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

24th Group Email

This week was a very interesting week!!!! A very very interesting week ...

Has anyone seen the show Hoarders?

If not, it's basically just a show about people whose lives are insane and they accumulate stuff to cope and end up with a house full to the ceiling of junk at best, and disgusting living conditions at worst. Well, those people are real. And those people live in Arizona.

We had a service project this week that we didn't know would take as long as it did. The poor woman who owned the house has been through a lot recently (just crazy craziness) and allowed missionaries in her home to clean it. It was a hoarder home, and we spent 7 hours cleaning her house, and when we left it still wasn't done. However, we made it a whole lot better and the lady was so so grateful and happy for us to do it. She was really sweet. We then came back two days later and cleaned her backyard where the weeds were taller than us (not kidding). So needless to say, it was the greatest service I've ever done and the look on her face afterwards gave me the happiest feeling ever. :)

We also were able to get in with a sweet less active woman named Misty who hasn't been to church since she was baptized at 9. She recently and very unexpectedly lost her husband and has been coping with the loss. We were able to testify to her about eternal families and the plan of salvation. She ended up coming to church! It was really cool. We also taught this 11 year old girl named Emily who has been coming to church for two years but hasn't been baptized yet. We taught her the Restoration and invited her to baptism. She said she wanted to but she needed to talk to her parents first. So we are so excited for her!!!

We also did a lot musically this week .... Sister Taylor played piano, did a special musical number, and I lead the music at one of the Elder's baptisms this week. Then I sang Come Unto Jesus, accompanied by Sister Taylor for two of our wards special musical numbers. So that was really fun. :) I love music so much.

The funniest but most terrible thing that happened this week however was on Saturday. Sister Taylor and I were visiting a less active family and as we walked up to the door there was an irritating buzzing insect that would not leave us alone. After the family didn't answer we started to walk back to our bikes when suddenly the buzzing insect landed ON MY FACE. Right under my nose. So freaking out, and being a dumb dumb, I tried shooing it off of me. Little did I know, it was a bee. It got mad and STUNG ME RIGHT ON MY FACE. I screamed in pain and tried shooing it again but it just kept attacking my face and dive bombing me!!!! So I threw my bike down and ran from it. We had to go to some members because the stinger got stuck in my face, right under my nose. So they pulled it out and applied lavender to it. I was fine the next day but now I'm super paranoid and jumpy when I hear buzzing ...

Anyway, that was my week! Hope everyone has an awesome one and never forget who you are!!! Remember that salvation was never a cheap experience!!!

Sister Burden


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