June 20, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

23rd Group Email

Hello everyone!

Sorry if this email is a little short this week, I will try to include everything I need to in this email but it's so hard to remember everything when I sit down. I literally forget everything in front of the computer and it's slightly frustrating.

This week was definitely full of miracles. We taught a ton (because miraculously people have started coming home from vacation and have somewhat been outside more this week) and we've been able to meet and exceed some of our weekly goals that we set.

I went on exchanges this week back to my greenie area which was the weirdest thing I've ever done. I was biking the roads I biked 9 months ago ... so many memories and flashbacks came to mind it was insane. I realized how far I'd come from that time and how much change had happened and it made me really happy but also really sad. More happy than sad but hey, sometimes you just miss the past haha.

This week was a new one for me as well because Arizona broke records with heat this week. Yesterday it hit 120 degrees ... there was a heat advisory warning out. People were warned not to be outside ... but missionaries are different. We still did our normal thang. Good thing we were in church most of the day though. Although yesterday was a crazy day in general and I will list why:
1) the heat
2) our car died 4 times, we had it jumped 3 times ... we have to get the battery replaced today
3) I got heat exhaustion again ... because I was outside and I was still sunburned so I got sun sick
4) we forgot everything, everywhere ... our brains were not present
It was just a crazy day but we got to end it on a good note because we were able to go to the new member fireside and see converts speak and President and Sister Nattress bear their testimonies. So :) it was awesome.

Oh, for those of you wondering, the Nattresses leave at the end of June and President Wheeler will come in on the same day. So yup!

Anyway, it was an awesome week and we had perfect moments for imperfect people! Love you all!
Sister Burden


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