June 13, 2016


3rd Area Ironwood Zone


Sister Taylor

22nd Group Email

This week was a crazy week and kind of uneventful. Sorry if there's not much in this email. :P

Because it's been so hot here already, people are on vacation, inside, and won't open their doors. Sadly. School is weird here and starts up again in July so everybody is squeezing in as many activities as possible this week so we haven't been able to teach a whole lot. Our investigators are finally trickling back in from vacation though so hopefully that picks up again.

HOWEVER, we did pick up a couple new investigators this week. Rudy, a Hispanic man whose grandson just got home from his mission agreed to take the lessons. :) And Alicia Merrill, the wife of a less active member in one of our wards, has started to take an interest in the gospel. She told us she wants to see changes in her family and she wants them all to have a goal to work towards so that they can grow closer as a family. That was really awesome. We promised her that the gospel brings that to people and then we gave her a Book of Mormon and she seemed genuinely interested in reading it. We have another lesson with both of these people this week so pray for miracles! We definitely will be!

Also this week a very special thing happened. Anyone remember Rupal from way back when? The Indian woman I taught in my greenie area? This week, this past Friday, she was baptized!!! I was able to go and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. After she came up out of the water, she started to cry and she was just so happy. Then when she bore her testimony she started to cry again and said, "The sisters saved me. Thank you sisters." And we got to hug her and she thanked us individually for everything. It was so cool. During the baptism, President Lowder stood up and asked the sisters who taught Rupal to stand. So me, Sister Burton, Sister Koyle, and Sister Stastney (the sisters who taught her after us) stood and then he had all the missionaries in the room stand and he said, "Watch this Rupal." Then he looked at us and said, "Raise your hand if you still would've come out on your mission had Rupal been the only person you would've taught or baptized." And we all raised our hands because ... it's true. If Rupal was the only person who's life I changed during this time, I still would've come out. It was just so special and awesome.

Anyway, that was it. Hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy life!!!!


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