May 16, 2016


2nd Area (English Speaking)


Sister Olson

18th Group Email

I hope everyone had a fantastic week because we sure did!!!

This email may be a bit shorter, I apologize for that in advance but for some reason every time I get on the computer my mind goes completely blank as to what happened the past week.

Me during the week: "Wow! I can't wait to put this in my group email!!! That was so incredible!!!"
Me on Mondays in front of computer: .... "... did I even do anything this week?"

That's literally what happens. So I apologize its not more detailed. But this week was awesome! We have picked up more investigators and are just seeing the work explode in this area. We had an awesome lesson with our investigator named Brice who is so interested in the gospel. Her boyfriend tagged along for "support" and told us he wasn't interested in learning anything but during the entire lesson he kept nodding and would read with us and was genuinely trying hard to act like he wasn't interested. But he totally was. :D

We were able to go to the temple this week which was awesome, going to the temple is always sorely needed when it happens. I received a lot of comfort and a lot of answers to my questions and concerns that I had been having. The temple truly is the house of God and we can truly find peace there that we can't find anywhere else.

We also had FHA (family home afternoon) this week for the last time with the Allens before they go home!!! It was so sad but it really was a lot of fun. And Sister Allen guilted me into singing in front of everyone because it was their "last time." So I sang and I'm pretty sure my legs were completely jelly by the end. But it was really fun and awesome.

Saturday we got to help with a family history activity and I was inspired to do more family history work. Of which, I have to admit, didn't really interest me before. But now I really want to. It was an awesome activity and the ward really enjoyed it.

Anyway, that was it! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sister Burden


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