April 18, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

16th Group Email

This week was a weird one for any of you who wanted to know.

We basically just taught as much as possible and said goodbye to loads of people. Especially Saturday and Sunday. It was all goodbyes. Sister Haycock leaves tomorrow morning back to California.

She's been sleeping with her nametag on, shows you how much she wants to go home ha. She has literally been panicking and she's all packed and today is our last day together. It's weird how fast time goes and just how much the mission changes you. You literally never want to leave. It's such an amazing experience.

We saw lots of miracles this week and were able to teach a lot. Hilda is no longer investigating the church. :( She decided to baptize her children in the Catholic church. It was really hard to see her progression just stop like that. She's still perfectly nice to us of course and we still love her dearly. Sarai is doing well. Just keep on praying for them and for their well being and health and happiness.

We're seeing the work start to pick up in our English ward which is super exciting! We've gotten a couple of member referrals. So we're definitely working hard so that we can find people to teach!!

As far as transfers go, I'm not being transferred. But I'm also not 100% sure that I'm staying in Spanish work. We've got so many missionaries in our Spanish ward and we talked to President Nattress about it and he made it sound like there are going to be a lot of changes so I guess I'll have to update you guys next week on everything that happens!!!

Anyway, this week is a short one but a good one! Love all of you! Stay strong in trials and remember God loves you!
Sister Burden


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