April 11, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

15th Group Email

Hello and good morning!!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome week this week and that they enjoyed themselves in everything that they did. I know I did. I love being a missionary.

Except I got sick this week.
Surprise surprise, for those of you who know me well, my immune system doesn't work like at all. Well it does, it just doesn't keep sicknesses out of my body very well.

So I got sick. It started off allergy-like and ended up with me showing up to do service and the member making me lay down on their couch and take medicine. I slept for an hour on their couch because they wouldn't let me do service. That's how terrible I looked. I'm sure I was pretty pitiful looking haha.

Hilda has been MIA unfortunately and it's pretty sad because she just doesn't seem interested anymore. Sarai is still going strong somewhat but she is having problems in her home again because of her taking the lessons and so please please please keep her in your prayers, pray that there is love in that home. It is really really hard. She needs all the prayers she can get.

As predicted we've been getting double dinners for quite a few nights because Sister Haycock is going home next Tuesday. Insane right? She has been asked so many times when she's going home and if people can feed us and etc etc. This last week is going to be a weird one for us but we made a goal for it to be her best last week ever. Testifying and teaching galore!!

We had an incredible miracle this week. Saturday of General Conference we had dinner with the Charles from our English ward whose daughter is 19 and extremely less active. When we came over the topic of dinner conversation turned to missions and whether or not Kelly (the daughter) wanted to serve one. She didn't seem too excited about the idea and we told her that she could take that question to conference the next day and it would be answered and that she needed to pray about it. Well the weekend comes and goes and on Friday we had lunch with a different member. Just so happens that Kelly is at the same lunch and she'd come to tell us that she had an incredible experience. She typed it all out but I'll just shorten it. Basically she had half heartedly said a prayer Saturday night about serving a mission and then forgot about it. Saturday night she also posted a question to a forum (that was anonymous) about wanting uplifting stories about people who had moved to Japan (because she'd been considering doing that). Sunday came and went and she barely watched conference. Monday rolls around and she checks the forum and one person had answered her (the answer had come in on SUNDAY) from a man who turned out to be LDS, talked about his experience in Japan as a teenager, his inactivity while in Japan and how he realized that the church is what he missed in his life, how he served his mission there and bore his testimony to her. He didn't even know she was LDS. It was amazing, so now she saw her question answered like we promised it would be and she's considering serving a mission. She even came to Stake Conference. :)

Miracles happen my friends.

Anyway, this week was awesome. Remember to always keep praying, stay watchful, remember the Atonement is for everyone, and keep being amazing children of God!
Sister Burden


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