March 14, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

12th Group Email

Hello everyone!

This email is going to be slightly short, I apologize but I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME AHHHHHHHH. An hour is just not sufficient for my needs to be honest. I apologize to those people who may not receive a response this week, I tried to tag all of you here in my group email but I'm sorry it's not a personal response. Just know I love you guys so much and I appreciate more than you know the emails that I receive. It's wonderful to get on and check my email and see all those emails from you guys. So just know they ARE appreciated.

This week was pretty normal, except for our meeting with Brother Medley this week. We met with him and he basically taught us and just really expounded etc etc. It was pretty insane, let me tell you. I won't go into details but ... it was crazy.

Yesterday was our day of miracles actually and here they are:

1. Brother Medley, the Sanchez family, the Jacobs family, and many more less actives attended church!!! It was really really awesome :)

2. Sarai called us and wants to start investigating the church again, she came to a baptism last night and felt the Spirit super strongly, she said she wants to be baptized but won't commit to a date yet ... KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS

I know it's only two but it was a miracle filled day :).

Funny moment of the week: There's an ongoing joke in the mission that when a greenie comes out, their trainer points at the first plane they see and says "Hey Sister/Elder SoandSo, how far away is that plane?" and the greenie tries to figure it out and can't. Then the trainer responds, "Oh about 18-24 months away." It's an eye roller I know, but every greenie gets that joke pulled on them. So, my companion Sister Haycock, only has a month left on her mission and NOT KIDDING, the planes have been soooo close to us hahaha. It's literally sooooo funny (to me at least). And its been going on for a few weeks now, the planes are getting closer and closer.

Anyway, thanks so much for everything!! Again, sorry if you don't get a personal response this week! Just know I love you guys and the emails are much appreciated!!!!
Sister Burden


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