March 7, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

11th Group Email

Buenos Dias mis amigos y mi familia,

I hope that you all had a wonderful miracle filled week this week! I hope all your prayers were answered and all your dreams came true!
I'm starting to sound like a Disney princess.

ANYWAY, this week was a good week. It had it's challenges like all weeks but otherwise it was really good. Some highlights from this week:

1. We had dinner with the Outums and Sister Outum who is less active really really needed it, it was cool to see how much some small encouragement could help
2. We dropped by a member just randomly and found her stressed to the max about planning a party and getting it set up, we offered help and she cried because she said she'd been praying for someone to help her and then we came by
3. Scatterball this week for zone sports which is a hilarious story of which I will elaborate later
4. Brother Medley's wife participated in the lesson we had planned which is a HUGE step for her!!

So scatterball .... is basically every man for himself dodgeball with one ball. And for those of you who know me, I hate getting hurt (which includes getting a dodgeball to the face) so I was determined NOT to get hit. No one noticed for the longest time that I was basically just a silent ninja running up and down the court then my loving companion noticed I was the only one who hadn't been hit once and kept yelling for the people to target me. Man, I felt like a ninja. Let me tell you. No one could hit me. Fear really makes me exercise. It came down to me and my zone leader Elder Kapua, he tried to hit me and I dodged and got him with the ball. Of course I think he was tired and let me hit him but hey, I still won. And never got hit. It was so cool. Except for like two days afterwards I couldn't move my legs at all because I was so sore ha.

As far as investigators go ... Hilda is doing good, she just needs a lot of prayers. Sarai dropped us this week because us coming over was causing too much contention in her home. And we picked up a new investigator named Yaxie who we immediately had to hand over to the English sisters. So we need lots of prayers haha, we're working hard we just aren't getting a lot of people to teach.

My Spanish is coming along. I've got praying, testifying (simply), the First Vision, and I've started on the lessons this week. It's a slow but steady progress. Just keep that in your prayers as well haha.

Anyway, thanks so much for all your support out here!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Love you!
Sister Burden


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