February 22, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

9th Group Email

Hello everybody!!!!!
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and many adventures.
This week was a crazy week lemme tell you.
It first started with how I got my hair cut off. Completely. It is all gone now. Just kidding I have a little but I cut it all off. One of the members did it for me and I love it. :) People around me seem to like it as well so I'm hoping that's a good sign right?


Also on a sadder note ... both of our investigators fell off date. We couldn't get in contact with Hilda till Saturday (the day she was supposed to be baptized) and she said she still wanted to but she didn't feel ready. She'd stopped reading and hadn't come to church so she just didn't feel ready. We were sad but we're continuing to work with her. She's definitely ready, she just had some doubts slip in because she hadn't been reading and such. She's awesome though and we're going to continue to work hard. Sarai, our other investigator, is living with a friend who is a convert of about a year. Unfortunately while we were not there, her friend just talked her ear off about deep doctrine and blah blah blah and so now Sarai is confused and doesn't feel ready either. It was hard to have that happen in one week because we love them both so much but we're working at it.

This week I also got a priesthood blessing of comfort and counsel and let me tell you, the priesthood of God is real. I felt so comforted and so much more energized and motivated to work hard. My district leader also encouraged me with the language this week and made me feel better about my progress with Spanish. I've just gotten a lot of motivation and encouragement this week that was needed. The Lord really does know us and what we need.

A cool miracle we saw this week was when Sister Haycock and I were biking around and decided to randomly stop and talk to this woman that we saw who was out front playing with her kid. Turns out she used to be a member and had been looking at other churches but none of them had felt right. She'd left the church because she'd gotten offended by the bishop of her old ward BUT she was looking to return to church again!!! She was really nice and awesome.

We also went on a hike this morning up a steep mountain to look at the sunrise. I know, that sentence didn't make any sense to me either BUT my zone all loved the idea so we went at 4 30 this morning ... woo. Ha, it was a hard trail and I hated it soooooooo much but the view at the top was so worth it. It was absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, thank you for all your prayers. You guys are awesome. I appreciate the love and support. :)

My zone on the hike this morning

Sister Haycock and I this morning

Me with my new hair

Me dying at the end of the hike :)

My attractive pre haircut face, thought you guys would appreciate my one eye thing


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