February 15, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

8th Group Email

Hello Erybody.
WEEK 5 EVERYBODY, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, THIS TRANSFER IS ALMOST OVER. I'm in shock at how quickly it came to be honest. This week was a crazy crazy week.
Everybody here is getting sick, attendance at sacrament meeting was sparse because literally so many families were sick. And this morning one of the sisters who lives in my house threw up so ... it has penetrated our home. It's here. I'm trying really hard to stay healthy but for those of you who know my terrible immune system, pray for me.

Speaking of sick, Brother Medley from last week got so sick he had to be hospitalized, we were terrified but he is okay. He called us and let us know he wasn't going to church and we were like ... we kind of figured. But continue to keep him and his family in your prayers. They're going through a lot.

MIRACLE TIME, for a couple weeks now Sister Haycock and I have been praying for baptisms in every prayer. And guess what. WE NOW HAVE TWO ON DATE!!! WOOO! One (the one previously) is on date for this weekend so we just need to keep meeting with her and keep her motivated and going. She's awesome. Keep her in your prayers, her name is Hilda. Also pray for our new investigator Sarai.

Spanish is coming along, I'm trying really hard to learn and grow and it is really hard sometimes but, at least I'm pushing forward. I'm doing it. I got dis.

Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! It's really hard to proselyte on Valentines Day, nobody wants to talk about missionaries and God on the day of love, so we started approaching the doors like,
"Hello, we are the sister missionaries and we bring a message of love."
Actually we only did that once, ironically it worked and we got a return appointment hahaha.

Also, best joke I was told alllll week.
Want to hear a joke about .... butter?

Actually I butter not tell you.
It might spread.
A laurel told me that and I about died. Oh my gosh.
Anyway, that's all, hope everyone has a wonderful week! Remember, God loves you all!!!
Sister Burden


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