January 25, 2016


2nd Area (Spanish Speaking)


Hermana Haycock

5th Group Email (Called to Serve as a Spanish Missionary!)

Hola! Como estas mi familia y mis amigos???
You may be wondering why I started my email out this way ... it's because I have some big news. I got a call Tuesday night (right before transfers) from President Nattress. I will write how this conversation went:

Me: "Hello ... This is Sister Burden."
PN: "Hello Sister Burden! How are you???"
Me: *terrified* "... Good, how are you?"
PN: "Wonderful! Well, this transfer is going to be a special one for you."
Me: *even more terrified* "Uh huh ...?"
PN: *obviously enjoying my terror* "Usually when I put someone in a transfer like this, they stay their whole mission! I'm not sure if that'll happen to you, we'll have to see."
Me: Okay D:
PN: "Well Sister Burden, you're going Spanish."
Me: D: "Um ... uh ..."
PN: "You speak Spanish right?"
Me: "High school Spanish"
PN: "Perfect. :)"

That's the basic gist of what happened but yes, I am now a Spanish missionary, learning Spanish, covering a Spanish ward. How crazy right? Super overwhelming but awesome :). I'm excited and terrified still and don't know what anyone is saying but I know now how to pray in Spanish so yay!

So now I'm with Hermana Haycock who is super awesome and hilarious and we cover a Spanish ward and also pink washed (took a ward from elders) an English ward. So we have our work cut out for us. I'm super excited though!!! Just send lots of prayers my way that I receive the gift of tongues!

We also met the guy who played Joseph Smith in the Restoration, he lives in Arizona and goes to church in one of our buildings, when I say met, I say we passed by him and said hi and he smiled and said hi back but hey, pretty cool.

This is going to be a super short email but I will leave my address here for anyone who wants to write me again :). 195 W Brangus Way, San Tan Valley AZ 85143.

Thanks so much! Love you all!!!!!


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