January 18, 2016


1st Area


Sister Hendricks

4th Group Email (Elder Holland's Visit)

Hello Hello Hello my good friends and family!!!!!

Hope all is well with everyone out there :). Things have been ... well really good in lots of different ways. I hate to rub it in more but ... ELDER HOLLAND CAME TO OUR MISSION AND SPOKE WITH US!!!! It was ah-mazing!!!!! He is literally the most dynamic, most terrifying, most intense, most motivational, and most spiritual speaker I've ever had the privilege to hear. :) He is just so so so so so so so passionate about missionary work and about how much it can change people's lives. A couple of amazing things I learned from him:

1) That we better let this mission change our lives, because if not he will find us. TBH that was a little terrifying but funny.

2) We need to be as obedient as possible to receive the blessings we need to do missionary work!

3) We ARE shepherds and people look up to us sooooo much

4)This is REAL LIFE, you can't go back to what you were

5) You have to see the kingdom of God before you can enter it (have that vision and goal)

6)The Gospel is for EVERYONE, everyone deserves it

7)Why is it so hard? Because Salvation has never been a cheap experience.

Also my favorite funny quotes:

1) (talking about Nicodemus coming to Jesus and asking what to do to gain eternal life) That is the STUPIDEST question in ALL of scripture!!!!

2) Those kids back home don't have ANY idea what you're doing out here! When they imagine you they see Superman and Wonder Woman flying over the city of Gilbert and saying, "....I sense evil!!!" *mimics a superhero flying down heroically* (mind you this is an older gentleman who is just bouncing around, pacing the rows of the chapel and being very very energetic)

And last thing he taught me that changed my life/mission forever, is this poem and thought:

"Come to the edge." He said
"No, we'll fall." We said
"COME to the edge." He said.
"No! We'll fall!" We said
"COME to the edge!!" He said.
"... Okay, we'll come to the edge." We said
And we came to the edge
He pushed us
And we flew.

"Most missionaries don't fly, because they don't come to the edge, the breaking point." - Elder Holland.
Life changing right?

That was probably the biggest highlight of my week. It literally changed me. I'm pretty sure I wrote for pages upon pages in my journal haha. Also, I got to shake his hand. :)
Otherwise, this week was pretty normal. We talked with people and we scrubbed/organized our house. Speaking of which, this entire week I felt this sense of urgency while cleaning and organizing and yesterday I felt super off and anxious ... come to find out, I'm being transferred. So anyone who wants to send me mail, wait. :) I will send my new address with the upcoming weekly email.

I'm so grateful for this week because it completely changed the way I look at missionary work and how I look at life in general. To feel of the spirit of one of Christ's chosen apostles was incredible. I felt it as soon as he walked in and especially when he spoke. I'm so grateful to have had that experience with Elder Holland, it's an experience I will never forget.

Love you all, you're the best!
Sister Burden
P.S. I'm including some pics of Elder Holland walking into the building :D


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