December 28, 2015



Sister Burton

1st Group Email

So I decided to start doing a general weekly email to everyone who emails me. :) But don't worry I'll answer your emails personally as well so don't freak out.
First off ... MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!! And a Happy New Year! This week has been so crazy busy of fun stuff that there won't be too much on here about the actual missionary work BUT I will try my best. Arizona Gilbert Mission spoils us rotten and makes sure that we're not only doing our best, but that we're having fun doing it.

Last Monday I had a shortened P Day so we weren't able to accomplish much as far as shopping and emailing and yada yada yada but otherwise we had a good day.

Tuesday was AMAZING. We were able to go to the Gilbert Temple for a session and a picture with President Nattress and Sister Nattress then we had a giant mission wide Christmas party where we had a nice Christmas dinner, opened Christmas letters from home (thanks for the tears BTW), and played Minute to Win It games. :) Our zone killed it at the paper airplane making contest. We threw them and they were so good they stuck in the wall. Killing it. :) Then we released 500 balloons with LED lights attached representing all the baptisms we had this year and sang Silent Night. Again, the tears. We finished off the night with hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas.
THEN WEDNESDAY. Oh. my. goodness. We did our usual BUT THEN Sister Hendrick got sick so I went on exchanges with Sister Schmauch. She had a dinner with her Bishop so I went with her. We had a lesson with Heidi (our investigator) that day so we ended up being late to dinner. Looking like complete hot messes and being late, we show up. And they have company. But not just ANY company. Turns out that they had family in for the holidays and Sister Schmauch's Bishop's Dad IS A SEVENTY. AN ACTUAL SEVENTY. ELDER CARDON. AND WE HAD DINNER WITH HIM AND TALKED WITH HIM AND GAVE OUR LESSON. WE MET A GENERAL AUTHORITY. We got in the car afterward and fangirled. How do you know you're a sister missionary? When you fangirl over a General Authority. UGH.
Thursday was Christmas Eve. :) We sang at the old folk's home as a Zone, had weekly planning, went to our ward mission leader's house for Christmas Eve dinner, and had Zone Caroling.
Friday was Christmas. <3 We slept over at the other sisters home, played basketball with them in the morning, had a mini Christmas devotional, had a gigantic Christmas breakfast, and opened presents. Which, at this time, I would like to thank those who sent me anything for Christmas. It means a lot as a missionary. It does. It makes us feel a little less lonely. Then we had dinner as a zone at a member's house who invited us and we got to skype home. :) Love and miss you guys lots.
The rest of my week was pretty normal. Except I somehow (which is pretty normal for me actually, I hurt myself a lot), hurt my shoulder/arm and the pain was so bad last night I had to go home and ice/apply heat to it. It has spread to my neck and down my arm and my lower back sooo ... yup. It's super tense, don't know what I did. If anyone has any ideas lemme know.
This week has really made me reflect on my Savior. Our challenge to those we taught his season was to discover WHY Christ was born. Everyone knows he was born and that's why we celebrate Christmas but no one stops to think about why he was born. I know that as I've studied Christ that I have discovered why. It was because he loved us so so much that he was born as an infant, and would grow and do many miracles, the greatest of all being his Atonement. Because of him, we can return to live with God again, we can live with our families forever, we can become like God himself and live in eternal happiness. That is the why behind his birth. That is the why behind Christmas.
Love you all sooooo much! Enjoy the rest of the holidays. :)
<3 Sister Burden


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