May 27, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Palmer

hi, my name is sis b and i survived the tornado in mo

disclaimer: this email has got to be the worst one yet, MAJOR distraction coming at you live

Tuesday night all of the missionaries had to hide out in members basements / church buildings baptismal fonts from 6-9 because there was a major tornado coming through st. louis. all is well and everyone was safe, but it hit jeff city dang hard, over by como. major tornado storm outside means go over to your ward mission leader's house and they make you the fanciest dinner you've had on your mission. 

my new companion is sister palmer and I literally LOVE her- we have been having so much fun together and it feels so good to be working hard with someone I ADORE. this week we were able to find 5 new people to start teaching, and that's the most I've basically ever found in this area. Heavenly Father is already blessing us good. 
we are teaching these 3 men who speak super broken English, but they are literally my favorite people in the world. they have so many good questions about the Book of Mormon and have such a big desire to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. our lesson was low-key, high-key super rough. we had someone there to interpret, but it was not going well. sister palmer and I the entire time were praying so hard for the gift of tongues to be there. at the very end we both bore our testimony on what the gospel of Jesus Christ means to us and how much we have come to know Heavenly Father because of it. the second sis palm and I started bearing our testimony ((that really, they probably couldn't even understand that well)), the spirit was SO SO SO strong and so evident that what we were testifying of was so true. whether they understood us or not, the spirit was clearly there and there's no doubt in my mind that they felt it. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- this week sis palmer and I have been studying SO much about the power of prayer and I have been so amazed with how much personal revelation I have received from diligently studying this gospel topic. one of my favorite lines in the bible dictionary under prayer says, "As soon as we learn the true relationship in which we stand toward God (namely, God is our Father, and we are His children), then at once prayer becomes natural and instinctive on our part." I love that once we understand our divine nature and our relationship with our Father in Heaven, prayer becomes such a natural part on our part and it's something that we actually desire. I was thinking about the versus in Alma 34:17-26 when it talks about praying over every single thing that we have. I found this quote that literally shook my world, "I think Heavenly Father was telling Alma to go to the secret places of his heart and in his life and pray for all of his personal struggles and weaknesses." I literally love that thought and think that if we really want to receive the blessings and miracles that come from praying to our loving Heavenly Father, all of our prayers have to come from deep within us. "How offensive it must be to the Lord- who has offered us so much, who stands ready to give every blessing expedient for our good- for us to hurry thought our prayers or sleep through them or have our minds wander or our words be casual and disrespectful, such as using you and your instead of thee and thou." -Cheryl Lant

I am so grateful for the power of prayer. I know that I have become such a far greater person because of this special gift Heavenly Father has blessed us with. This Gospel of Jesus Christ literally means EVERYTHING to me, I am forever grateful for the foundation it has given me in my life. 

all my love + some more, 
sis b 

1: tornado pic from jeff city
2: being obedient but the temptation is real- who comp study's better?
3: popsicles from our Spanish friends
4: last pic w sis winn @transfers
5: pic of the arch from last week :')


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