May 21, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Winn

the time has finally come, someone say SQUIRREL

well folks, some people come to st louis to eat boujee bbq, pizza with provel cheese + custard- others come to st louis to eat SQUIRREL HEAD AND LAMB QUARTERS (literally a weed)  grandpa daniel gave sis winn the squirrel legs, then comes to serve me and says, "i have a really special piece for you!" and throws the squirrel head on the core center of my plate. all i have to say is, tastes like chicken + i'm traumatized. 

this week got up in the 90's and humidity is slowly starting to kick our butts. our car doesn't have working ac currently so literally have been dead. (for my friends serving in third world countries and assume i'm over here in the mid-west living in luxury are partially right but also W R O N G.) Mo has got to be the most bipolar weather in the world. here they say, "if you don't like the weather, just wait 30 minutes." accurate

got back into boppin to christmas music, too soon? 
sister winn said, are you one of those people who listens to christmas music in november and I said, sis we're listening to it right now lol 

this week I had a lot of personal studies hit right on the money for me. the fruits of our labors have felt sparse and it has been hard to work so hard to find people who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel and get no dice for weeks on end. i'm not saying that i've lost all hope, but i'm also not saying that it's currently not a fat lack. 
at the beginning of this transfer, we prayed and told heavenly father we would do all we could in our power to have a baptism on june 15. i decided to study miracles that whole morning since this goal of ours started to seem distant. literally we were determined all day to invite someone to be baptized. 
rewind to last week, we were tracting late at night and prayed to know where to go. sister winn had a vivid house come to mind, so we knocked on their door, gave them a copy of the bom and invited ourselves back over. our lesson was so spiritually strong and when we invited them to be baptized it felt SO good to hear this couple excitedly say yes. we are P U M P E D to help them progress towards baptism! 

we have been teaching a man through facebook for the past couple weeks since his work schedule makes it so dang hard to work with. he asked us to share our personal testimonies on the book of mormon and it was really neat to sit there and really think about what I wanted this man to understand about what this book really means to me. basically, the book of mormon teaches me how to become more like my Savior Jesus Christ, and that's why I like it so much. the book of mormon changes the way I think. it changes the way i act, and really, it changes the way i breathe. it helps me know how important my Savior is to me and what I can do to serve Him and love Him. i love this book whole heartily.

i woke up 4am this morning not able to sleep anymore bc #anxiousasheck. i find out who my very last companion is tomorrow at transfers. God bless this sisters soul lol
doc + cov 50:24 That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

each of us who humbly follow jesus christ will reflect his light, and that light will continue to grow until it eventually dispels any kind of darkness that surrounds us. we bring light to others and ourselves as we actively let the light in. we do this by being exactly obedient, carefully living each or our covenants, and giving our all to serve heavenly father ((each of these known simply as living the gospel of jesus christ))

lots of lovin, 
sis beal 

1: me eating squirrel
2: squirrel head yum
3: @sispoulos shipped us $50 cupcakes from UT- major shout out 
4-6: arch
7: found this gem tracting8: got to see my girl sis carroll at the temple


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